Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Super chilled

Today I'm feeling super chilled. This is probably because earlier I was lucky enough to be treated to a full body massage. Right now hardly anything could annoy or irritate me.

Sunday was Mother's day and to be honest this year, it was a bit of a washout. People having to work, lack of sleep, a visit to a model train exhibition (for the kids, but not my idea of fun) and it being just another day.

I know that I shouldn't really expect Mother's day to be this wonderful, fantastic day that's just about me. But, in many ways I do. That and my birthday are the only days that I really expect to be any different to a normal day. This year just didn't work like that, just one of those things, but it was a real shame.

Fortunately today has made up for that. I'm relaxed in body and mind. I feel fantastic.

Of course it doesn't last long, but for that hour when I can just lie there and take all the pampering with no interruptions from small people and nothing else to do, it was fantastic. Now I'm feeling super chilled.