Tuesday, 19 June 2007

We've moved!

Well I've finally got the internet back, why does it take these companies so long to get anything sorted??  Any way after two weeks or so, I finally have access to email and the like again, yay!
Our new house is lovely, three bed rooms, and it has a utility room, bit sad I suppose to get excited about that, but it's nice to have more room.  I hate moving though, it's soooo stressful!  Least it doesn't seem to bother the little man, he has been chilled about it all, and has settled into sleeping in his own room with no problems at all.
His current latest trick to to stand up all of the time, all he wants to do is to have me hold onto his hands while he pulls himself up and then stands.  I don't mind, as it is very sweet, but he has to stand rather than sit, just when I would like him to sit so that I can get on with some other stuff.  He does attempt to walk a little bit, but he's quite a way off that just yet, thankfully!!
Any way just a quick one this time!  Have so much still to sort, there are so many different places to let know my change of address too, it's just a nightmare!