Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fear of the frizz.

Fear of the frizzWhen I was little, I loved the idea of having curly hair, sadly my hair is straighter than straight. If you needed to draw a straight line and you had a ruler or my hair to use to mark it out, my hair would probably give a straighter line, it really is that straight. It wasn't like I didn't try, I remember being a bridesmaid and having my hair in rags all night, to give me ringlets. Ha, ha, ha, of course in the morning I woke up with hair as straight as ever. It just wasn't going to happen. I even had a perm at one point, (oh the shame,) but curly hair was never going to be for me.

My girls though, are different. No doubt when they're older they'll be desperate to have straight hair, it's always the way, you want what you've not got. But I think their hair is beautiful, those lovely curls. It may not be as long as some other girls their age, I may not be able to tie it up very easily, but it's still fantastic hair.

There is, sadly, a huge downside to such lovely hair. Frizz and birds nests. Beautiful curls can, overnight mass together into a solid mass of tangle. It becomes so knotted and tangled that in one night a whole section of the hair just becomes one solid mess that you can't do anything with. Of course, I can't leave it like that. 

Dealing with the curls
The temptation is to get the sheep shears out, clip the whole lot off and start again, well, sort of temptation, I'd never actually do that. No really, I wouldn't... So the alternative is slowly combing it out. I have a tangle teezer, which does make it a bit easier, but it's still a nightmare. Of course, if you brush it too much, then boom, frizz city. There are lots of detangling sprays and products that can help you un-mess these tangles, but I don't really like to use lots of products on their hair, I still don't really use shampoo on any of the kids if I can help it.

I never realised that my hair was so easy to care for. It may just hang there, no matter what I do with it, (and believe me I've tried just about everything). In fact, I've even been known to go out in public without even brushing it in the morning, just because I can. The girls curls are stunning, but they are difficult to care for. I have fear of the frizz!