Wednesday, 13 May 2009

There really is only one way to see if you're pregnant....

 When I first thought I might be pregnant with Kai, before doing a proper test, I found an on line pregnancy quiz. It gave a percentage chance of being pregnant. I recently stumbled across something similar, and thought that it would be interesting to fill it in again, just to see what my chances were: Your score is 50%. You're probably pregnant, see your doctor or midwife! But, alas, I am fairly sure that I'm not. Maybe I wouldn't be the only one to get a similar result, what if I filled it in for my husband? 
Q1: Have you missed your period? No. I don't think never having had one counts. 
Q2:Are your breast sore? No. Slight man boobs, but no pain in them. 
Q3: Are you more sleepy than usual? Yes, he is working hard at the moment, but it doesn't ask why. 
Q4: Are you feeling moody? Yes, no doubt about this one. 
Q5: Do you have an increase in cervical discharge? No, that might be a little difficult. 
Q6: Have you missed more than one period? No, see question one. 
Q7: Do you feel movement in your lower abdomen? Yes, possibly something to do with the curry he ate last night. 
Q8: Are you having weird food cravings? Yes, cheese and jam sandwiches, I think that's weird. 
Q9: Are you having more frequent headaches? Yes, along with other man flu symptoms. 
Q10: Have you had any bloating? Yes, see question seven. 
Q11: Have you outgrown your clothes? Yes.
 Q12: Have you had a positive pregnancy test? No. 
Your score is 50%. You're probably pregnant, see your doctor or midwife! I'm not really sure how to break it to him, I think he may be a bit surprised. Still, it goes to show, there is only one way to tell if you are pregnant, and that's to do a pregnancy test. (Or, of course, you could just wait nine months and see if a baby arrives.) Symptom spotting will just drive you mad instead.