Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I used to be a sane, normal, human being.

Since having Mahe, I seem to have become obsessed by what's in his nappy.  To begin with, it was just checking to make sure he was getting enough food, that it was the right colour, and that he was having plenty of wet nappies.
Since starting baby led weaning, I find myself taking part in yet more nappy watching. Take the other morning for example:
Me "Oh, guess what?"
DH "Has he pooed?"
Me "Yes, but guess what?"
DH, coming over for a look "Is there pear in it?"
Me "Yes, I knew he'd swallowed some this time."
DH "Quick, text Mum and tell her it is working, he is eating some."
Is this the normal behaviour of two sane people?  I've started looking out of the window for the men in white coats arriving.