Sunday, 29 December 2013

Family Christmas Traditions

I think that everyone has their family Christmas traditions, even if they think that don't.  I sometimes think that we don't really have a lot that we always do, but Christmas is the one time of the year that we do do set things together.  It is a little different though, being in New Zealand, being summer, it's a totally different feeling.

How we do Christmas

The one thing that I always remember from being little though, is that it was Dad's job to go down stairs and check that Santa had been, and that was one of the family Christmas traditions that I really wanted to continue with my own children.  It's not downstairs here though, but still the kids came into our room, Daddy went to check if 'he' had been, and I got my cup of tea.  I should have taken lots of pictures of the ensuing chaos when the presents were opened, but I was a bit slack on that score.

Mahe did decide to use my phone to take a picture of one of his favourite presents though, I'm sure that you can't guess what it is (hint, I've mentioned something similar before) so I'll share that, it's actually one of six that he got.

Road closed ahead sign

In our house, Santa brings just a few small presents for everyone, and then we get the rest of the presents.  I know that this varies between families, as does the whole unwrapping of gifts. At our house we always had our own little pile of gifts to work through, rather than having the lot under the tree.  It's another of those family Christmas traditions I suppose.

A wet Christmas

One of the great things about this Christmas has been the weather, no, seriously.  Last year was a stinking hot day, and I don't think I can honestly remember a worse Christmas, it really wasn't fun.  This year it rained not full on rain as we've been having before and since, but enough to make the skys dark and a day inside on the cards.  We even had the fire on a few times over the last few days, and combined with the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights, it's actually felt like it's really Christmas, a traditional Christmas.  Sadly the bad weather has continued since then, and yesterday was the first bit of sunshine I've seen in days.

Wow, at last sunshine

It hasn't lasted though, and today we're back to more of the wet.  Still, I'm not really complaining, we still have the tree up and a little bit left of the twelve days of Christmas, so I think I'll just eat drink and be merry....

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

It's not Christmas until you hear the Fairytale of New York

I've been trying really hard to get into the Christmas spirit for the last few weeks, I struggle in the warmth, not that it's been that warm lately.  Today has been fantastic though, cold enough for the fire and dark enough for the Christmas lights to be on. I only put the tree up yesterday though, but finally, we're ready for Christmas.

Part of my get into the Christmas spirit plan, has been to play lots of Christmas songs, my all time favourite is the Fairytale of New York, it always makes me feel like Christmas. I thought, being as it's Christmas Eve I'd give you my top five Christmas songs:


Happy Christmas,war is over.  

I love this track, it seems an odd choice for a Christmas song. I remember a friend complaining a few years back that she couldn't go anywhere without hearing it one Christmas, but at least I always know that it's just around the corner when I start to hear it played.


Stop the cavalry

As Christmas songs go, this isn't the most lively or jolly of tunes, but there's something that I just like about this.  It's possibly due to being able to relate to the idea of wishing I was home for Christmas, all be it for very different reasons.


Peace on Earth/Little drummer boy

This is a beautiful song, it's one that I've decided that I love recently.  the two vocals together are just lovely though.


I believe in Father Christmas

This song reminds me of being little, I remember Dad playing it on the record player at Christmas.  It's so magical and again another beautiful track, perfect for this time of year.


Fairytale of New York

And here it is, my number one Christmas song, the fairytale of New York.  I've loved this for years, and as I said before, this always makes me feel like Christmas and gets me into the festive mood.   

So there we have it, my top five songs, and seeing as I've now heard the fairytale of New York, it must be Christmas, so I hope that you all have a good one.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Over indulging at Christmas

Of course, when it comes to over indulging, then Christmas is the time for it. I wasn't really thinking in terms of food and drink though (although, there'll be plenty of that soon) more the way that Christmas itself seems to come more and more full on all the time.

So far the kids have been to two Christmas parties and met Santa, there would have been a third, but it looks as though that one isn't happening now.  Of course it's all very exciting, and the really Christmas seems to be all about the children, but sometimes I think maybe it's a bit much for them.

More presents from Santa

After our first Christmas party, Mahe said to me, I really like the present that Santa gave me, but I wanted some road signs for Christmas.  I laughed and explained that, although we'd seen Santa, that wasn't actually Christmas, just a pre-Christmas party.  A few days later, after the second party, Lena asked why there were still Christmas decorations up.  Again I explained that it wasn't Christmas just yet, that was still to come.

Mahe unwraps his santa gift

I was thinking about it later, when rushing madly around the shops, getting the last of the Christmas shopping done, that really if I'd have said that yes that was it, that was Christmas, both Mahe and Lena would have probably been quite happy.  Every year we spend ages getting just the right gifts, spending a (relative) fortune on the big day, and making sure that it's all perfect and magical for them.  Of course, Christmas isn't really about that, and it can still be totally magical for children and adults alike, without blowing the budget.

No over indulging at Christmas here, Anja would rather have a balloon.

I've never been into the idea of not buying for the adults, as lots of people seem to do.  The kids have plenty of toys, and they get heaps of presents from everyone anyway.  I'd rather spend a tiny bit less on the whole Christmas 'event' and have a little left for some small gifts for all the important people in the family, and make Christmas a special day for everyone.  Of course, I'll be also over indulging at Christmas in the usual way, with plenty of food and drink.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

School holidays are here

It's the first day of the summer holidays (how mad does that sound in December?) and already I'm finding myself having conversations like this:
Me - "Your sister won't go down for a nap, so I'm going to stay with her until she falls asleep.  Don't come in"
Kai - "What if something bad happens?"
Me - "Like what?"
Kai - "Like Mahe hits me or something?"
Me - "That you deal with, if there's blood, or an arm or leg comes off, or we have an earthquake, then you can disturb me, otherwise stay out, I'll only be a few minutes....."

Of course seconds after I went in Mahe appeared at the bedroom door, dealing with a shoe emergency that couldn't wait. Sigh.  Eventually I got her down for a nap, having two big brothers off school is just far too exciting though.

I could have left her to cry, but there are two small problems with that.  Firstly I don't do leaving them to cry or controlled crying, or any of those sleep training techniques that involve tears (hers or mine). The second problem would be that she can now climb out of her cot, this shouldn't come as a surprise seeing as she climbs everything else, but she's never bothered before. The fact that she doesn't very often sleep in it might have something to do with that though. I may have to come up with a new nap time plan for the next six weeks or so.............

Friday, 13 December 2013

Mutant mince pies

Last night was our Playcentre Christmas party, and as we had to take in a plate each, I thought I'd go with the British Christmas staple, Mince pies.  I've done them before, they're not particularly complicated, and I am vaguely northern  after all, and we're supposed to be good at pies and the like.

When I say I've made them before, it's nots something I've done once or twice, I've done them quite a bit, and pies in general I've made more times than I could count, so it should have been straight forward, should.  My first error was leaving them until the last minute, which meant that there was no time to substitute for something different (better) if they went wrong.  Last minute baking also meant that buying pastry seemed easier than making it.  Making pastry isn't hard, particularly rough puff, which is what I prefer for pies, but being short of time (and lazy) it just seemed easier to buy a packet. Mistake, big mistake.  What I didn't consider, is that my puff pastry, is slightly less technical, it has that night puffiness that stops it from being too dry or stodgy, but it doesn't puff as much as bought puff pastry.........
My second mistake was that I couldn't find a proper pastry cutter, so I used a couple of glasses, the smaller of which, might have just been a bit too small, so I didn't get a decent seal around the top of the pies.  Added to this Fruit Mince (not mince meat over here by the way, more on that later) is a bit wetter in texture than I'm used to.

Mutant mince pies

The mutant mince pies have exploded

Not exactly the neat little mince pies that I'd planned, they didn't look too bad when covered in a little icing sugar, although quite a bit of the filling had fallen out. Sadly some of it fell onto my foot, which wouldn't have been an issue if I hadn't been bare foot at the time, it being summer over here, molten mince meat on bare skin hurts. A lot.  I mentioned before, that it's not mince meat over here, and it isn't really, the only kind that I could find doesn't have suet in it, which is probably why it's a little runnier.  They're not mince pies either (mutant or otherwise) as that is what minced beef pies are called.  Usually they're known as Christmas mince pies, or minced fruit pies or something.  When we first moved over here, there was a new Crisp (sorry, chip) flavour out called mince pie and tomato sauce, I remember being horrified at the idea of having a mince pie flavoured crisps, and them having tomato sauce added to the mix, until I realised.

The kids had a great time at the party though, and meeting Santa, although Anja wasn't too keen to get very close, and who can blame her, strange man, dressed in a furry red suit.  The older kids were thrilled though.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Draw your own conclusions.....

Yesterday afternoon, in an attempt to contain the madness that is four young children at the end of term and just before Christmas, I sat them all down at the table and got them doing some Christmas drawings.  I was also feeling rather tired, having been out the night before, not even particularly late (and I only had one drink) but by the time we were home and in bed, it was late for me (these days at least) so I needed a bit of a break.

They were all quite happily colouring in, with only a few squabbles, (Kai's got my orange pen, Lena's drawn on my paper, Anja's ripped it again) just the normal par for the course thing.  Lena was busy doing her drawing and humming thing, not sure if it's a concentration thing, or just a Lena-ism.  'I've drawn me and you' she suddenly announced 'we're happy'

I asked her why we were happy, and she replied 'Because we're going out, just you and me.  Kai and Mahe have got to stay at home with Grandma, and Anja'
'Where are we going?' I asked
'To go shopping and get some lollies'
There was another picture of Daddy holding Mahe in his house:
I'm not quite sure what that one tells me, but it did amuse me that she drew a picture of us being happy because the others weren't with us.  I suppose it could be seen as a cry that we don't spend enough time together, but as it is we get a good couple of days a week without the boys with us, and often it's just the two of us, as Anja sleeps.  She's also a child of contradictions, while she might draw a picture of us without the boys, she's been deeply concerned all week that Mahe and Kai can come to the playcentre Christmas party, and meet Santa too.  

It never hurts to remember though, that as much as I love (most of the time) the craziness that is all four of them at home at once, that they all crave a bit of one on one 'me' time from us too.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Big pants

Back in the day, I used to have a pretty good figure, but four children, one c-section and far far too much chocolate later and it's not what it was.  The main offender is my tummy, I've got a bit of a jelly belly going on, and now that Anja is 18 months old, I can't really claim that it's just post baby weight.  So, in an effort to do something about it, and improve my silhouette slightly, last week I invested in some big pants.
Now, I know that really what I should be saying is that I've started eating a bit healthier, and doing more exercise, and long term I will, really.  The thing is though, I have four kids, so no energy for proper exercise, and for the same reason, I feel that I really need the chocolate......

On Saturday we have a Christmas/end of year type do to attend, and not wanting to sound like a total stereo type, I have nothing to wear.  So, yesterday, after a bit of wardrobe raiding, I found an oldish dress, and tried it on with my new big pants.  My offending jelly belly was soon pulled into shape, and looked great, there were a couple of small problems that I hadn't anticipated though.  The heavily elasticated bit at the top of the big pants, started to roll down, just in the time I was trying the dress on, over the course of the evening it would only get worse, and no doubt by the end I'd have my jelly belly back and a big roll of pant showing.  The other problem was that because the pants are so tight, at the top, on the sides, I suddenly had two lumps sticking out.  I'm not particularly in need of pulling in there, but because I'd been pulled in just below, it made me look really odd.  Back to the drawing board.

I suppose that really there's nothing for it, I'm going to have to actually try and get a bit fitter and more toned. My main fear is that because of the c-section I'll never get rid of all of the 'sag' but it would be easier with a little less to work with. That's not going to happen by this weekend though, so I'm not sure what I'll do there.  Anyone know where I can find something flattering and not too expensive in the next two days? No? Me either.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Little copy cat

As I write this, Anja is following Lena around the room, copying what she does.  She follows her every move, and tries to be exactly the same, little copy cat.  Sometimes it's just the little things; Lena has a bag, Anja needs a bag.  Lena dresses up, Anja dresses up, but other times she tries to copy her completely.

My little copy cat, dressed up like her sister

Just the other day Lena was walking around with a doll under one arm, a bag on the other, and her Princess dress on. Anja followed close behind with a Princess dress on, her doll and her bag.  It's quite funny to watch, but being a little copy cat isn't all about fun.  It's also a really important way to learn.  

Every morning and night Anja has to stand and brush her teeth, just like her big brothers and sisters do.  Both Mahe and Lena were toilet trained by the time that they were two, not through anything that I did, but just because they wanted to be like their older siblings.  Learning from older children can be very handy.

Anja shows she's not always a little copy cat

Of course there is a downside, (isn't there always?) to being a little copy cat.  And that's because while being little is about learning what to do from watching what goes on around you, it's also about learning who you are.  Developing your own character, ideas and likes.  Fortunately for us, our little copy cat has bags of character, so I doubt that will be a problem.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Who stole November?

A couple of days ago, or so it seems, I was just thinking about how I could get all my Christmas shopping done nice and early, it was nearly Bonfire night and remembrance Sunday was just around the corner..... Then I woke up this morning and it's already 1st December, and if I'm honest, I've done nothing towards Christmas.  I'd really quite like to know where November went, who stole it?

Part of the problem is that the weather over here just doesn't help me feel Christmassy, although today, if I'm honest, isn't particularly warm or sunny, and there was a day last week that was so cold that I could have felt very festive, but as a rule the weather over here at this time of year just isn't Christmas.

Last Christmas was hot, far far too hot, and I'm really hoping that this year won't be.  It doesn't have to be cold, I'm not going to be mean and wish that on the people of New Zealand (although, if it were down to me, Christmas = winter) but at least cool enough that I still feel like eating far too much and doing very little else.

There's a reason that a lot of the traditional Christmas food is warm, filling and stodgy, and also, for the same reason, it doesn't really work over here.  There is another disadvantage with a warm Christmas, you haven't then got six months or so to work off your over indulging before having to venture out in summer clothes that show the weight you've gained more clearly.

Right now though, that doesn't really matter, I've just got to get on and get ready for Christmas, because if December moves at the same rate that November did, before I know it I will have still done no Christmas shopping and it will already be 2014.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

No regrets

Recently on facebook, a friend had posted a link to an article that discussed the most common regrets of those in palliative care in Australia.   It was an interesting list, and made me think about what I would be likely to regret, and what I maybe need to think about so that I don't.  It's not quite a New Years resolution list, as it's not yet New Year, but I thought it was worth giving these things a try.

1. Spend an hour a day with the kids. 

I spend most, if not all of the day with at least one of my children.  In fact, as we co-sleep, I spend nearly 24 hours a day with Anja, and I do play with all of them, but so often I have other things to do too.  They grow up so very quickly, and it won't be long until they're really not that interested in spending time with me, so while they want to, I'll make the most of it, even if means that other things don't always get done.
So, for at least an hour every day, I'm going to make sure that one of them has my undivided attention, and that we do something together.

2. Actually try following my dreams.

For as I can remember, I've been going to write a book.  I've started a couple of times, but other things always seem to get in the way.  I can make all the excuses in the world, and if I do write one, there's no saying that it will be any good, but I think that if I don't at least try, I'll regret not giving it a go.

3. Worry less about the things that don't matter.

If you think about the things that cause you stress, or that you worry about, really, when it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter.  Yes it would be nice to be able to afford this and that, but it's what you do that you usually remember, not what you have.  
I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper, and I'm sure that I could do a lot better, but as I can guarantee that one thing I'm not going to be thinking when I'm old is "I wish I'd done more housework" I'm not going to worry about that either.

4. Be silly every day.

This one isn't too hard, I do this quite a bit anyway.  But making the kids laugh, being happy and singing and dancing as you cook tea are all really important, so I'll just make sure I do them all the more.  Every day should have at least one laugh.

5. Stop putting things off.

There are lots of little jobs that I need to do, but don't get around to.  Then there are the bigger things that I think I'll do eventually.  From now on I'm going to try to do the things that I need to, and if I'm trying to put them off, to decide if they are really important or not, and then either forget them completely, or just do them.  Procrastinating doesn't help anyone.

I'm sure that there are a hundred and one things that I could add to this, and I probably will at some point.  But for now, here's my list.  What would  you put on yours?

Friday, 22 November 2013

The curse of being the oldest.

There are some things that are really good about being the oldest child in a family, I'm the oldest in my family, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way, I loved being the oldest.  There are some downsides to being the oldest though, downsides that I didn't really notice when I was little, but with my little oldest boy, Kai, they're all too obvious.

You see, the thing is, when you're the oldest, you're always more grown up than everyone else in the family, no matter how old the others get, you're always going to be older.  

Earlier today, Kai was asking about something that happened when he was younger, and as I was telling him about it, I realised that he was the same age as Anja is now, but back then he seemed so much older, so much more grown up.  Which of course, he wasn't, but as there was no one older, he seemed to be a big boy already.

Of course, now he's seven, and he seems so grown up, but I suspect when the others reach seven, they will seem to be much, much younger than he is now.

I suppose the curse of being the youngest is that you always seem much younger than you actually are, and that you'll eternally be the baby of the family.  As I said before, being the oldest does have some great advantages, and I loved it, but for my oldest, I never really fully appreciate how little he is, when he is little.  He is fantastic though, big or little.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What do YOU do?

I hate answering that question, on forms and official pieces of paper, the occupation bit, defining who you are by what you do.  What do I do?
Of course, first and foremost, I'm a Mum, a full time Mum.  But is there any other kind?  The suggestion that someone who works is not a full time Mum is really really silly, I've worked since I've had kids, but I can still honestly say that no matter what I was doing, I was a full time Mum.  Once you're a Mum, that's it, your a Mum, no part time, no full time, that's it, you're someone's Mum.

Becoming a Mum for the 4th time
Becoming a Mum for the 4th time, love this pic.
So, what's the next option? Housewife? I have a number of issues with that one, the main being that it suggests I do all the housework, or even some of the housework, and lets be honest here, it's not my strength and I do avoid it as much as I can.

I do have my own cloth nappy business, or to be specific, I have two cloth nappy businesses but somehow I always feel a little foolish saying that I'm a business woman or entrepreneur or something.  Yes I work at them, sometimes I even work hard at them, but I'm still not convinced that it's what I DO.

Which leads us back to the same old question; what do I do? And if I'm honest, I'm not that sure that I know....... What do you do?

Monday, 11 November 2013

A day out with Thomas

On Sunday, as we're in Auckland at the moment, the kids and I went for a "day out with Thomas" seeing at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway.  With one train mad Thomas fan, one ex-Thomas fan, who still, I suspect, secretly enjoys seeing him, it seemed like the ideal outing.  Apparently they hold this twice a year, in November and March, and we have tried to visit before, but were just not in the area at the right time.

We purchased a family ticket for $75, which covered two adults and two children, and as under fours were free, we didn't need to pay for the other two children.  The actual event itself was free, but the ticket gave us a ride on the train that was running up the line and back for an hours round trip, free rides on Thomas, up and down the track, and free access to the face painting, colouring in, story time and bouncy castle.  An added bonus was the train ride from Papakura, for the price of a gold coin donation each, that went to Starship.
On the whole the day was fantastic, with plenty of Thomas characters to meet, and lots of activities to entertain the little ones.  It does seem a little churlish to pick fault with an event run by volunteers, but as it has gained in popularity over the years that it has been running, and will no doubt continue to do so, then the slight niggles that we experienced are only likely to get worse.
As it was so busy, getting on board the trains was a little hit and miss, there was no queue, rather, whoever could crowd on first, got on first, not ideal when dealing with little children.  Some kind of queue system, or better still, a set time for your train ride, would have made things much smoother.  We missed our first go at getting a ride on the excursion train, due to the mass surge towards the doors, and getting the train back to Papakura was little better.  With so many visitors, a few more toilets and rubbish bins would have also been welcome additions.
All in all, it was a great day out, and a must if you have young Thomas fans and are in the area next time that it's held.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tandem breastfeeding; at an end

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this before, but until recently I was tandem breastfeeding my girls.  It's the second time that I've tandem fed, Mahe and Lena are only 19 months apart, and as Mahe didn't wean until he was nearly two and a half, I tandem fed the two of them for quite a while.  So, tandem breastfeeding the girls wasn't a new experience, but either way, now it's come to an end.

I didn't set out with the thought in mind that I'd be feeding Mahe until he was two, actually, after the disaster that was breastfeeding Kai, I just wanted to get to six months without any formula.  We had a bit of a rocky start, and then went from strength to strength.  By the time Lena was on the way, I didn't want to stop just because I was pregnant, and so, I didn't.  My midwife suggested that either I weaned him early, or kept going once the new baby arrived, because to wean close to giving birth could lead to jealous issues.  So, we kept going, even through the uncomfortable phase that happens mid-pregnancy, when it often feels if your milk has dried up.

Once Lena arrived, there was a little jealousy, because I've never been very good at feeding both at the same time, so I tried not to, but most of the time it worked well.  So, when Anja came along, I did the same, and Lena carried on wanting to feed for a lot longer than Mahe ever did.  It was only recently that she finally stopped totally.  She'd slowed right down, and I do wonder if she hadn't had a younger sister to compete with, whether she would have bothered to continue, she'd quite happily go even days between feeds sometimes.  And then, sometime a couple of months ago, she must have had her last feed.  I couldn't tell you exactly when the last one was, but that was it, it had come to an end.  No more tandem feeding, and my little Lena is growing into a big girl, even though she still can't reach the door handles, which is apparently the best measure of whether you're a big girl or not.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Errrmmm, sorry, what was I saying?....

I've been pretty quiet recently, I've written some great posts in my mind, but when I came to actually write them,  I can't remember what I was going to say.  Despite the fact that my baby is 17 months, I'm blaming baby brain.  To be totally honest, I think I've been suffering from baby brain since my oldest was born 7 years ago.  I might have been just as forgetful before that, but I can't remember, which of course might have been baby brain.

As I have no idea what I was going to say, I'll talk about dead weasels instead.  (As you do.)

We were outside a few days ago, and Anja was playing (tormenting) the cat.  She loves our cat, Percy, and although Percy is very good, and doesn't mind too much all the hugging and carrying around she does run off at the first given opportunity.  Our garden is somewhat overgrown, (ok, it's very overgrown, so much so that we ended up with goat invaders the other morning, that's another story though).

Anja followed Percy into the long grass, and came out again a few moments later, carrying what looked like a stick.  On closer inspection though, it turned out to be a dead weasel.  At least I think it was a weasel rather than a stoat.  I made her drop it, and then took a photo, but being as it was all fury and soft, she wasn't too keen on letting it go.  A bit of distraction, and all was good again.

I didn't know that there were weasels around here, apparently there are more stoats than weasels in New Zealand, and of course non of them should be here.  At least our weasel was a dead one, so that's one less.

Ok, enough random waffling, hopefully next time I'll have something a bit more interesting to say.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Wrestling with the Waltons

A little while ago I posted "living here is a bit like living in a cross between the Waltons and WWF wrestling" many of my friends with a few children seemed to know exactly what I mean.  It is like that though, a lot of the time.

One minute there they are, playing nicely together, or having a picnic with one another in the garden.

Then the next someone's hit someone, or taken something, or just tackled someone to the ground for no obvious reason and it all descends into chaos.

I'm not complaining, not really, I love having four kids, and watching the way the interact is one of the things that I love.  With age gaps of two years, 19 months, and just over two years, it means that on the whole they are very close, but as is often the way, it's those that you are closest too who wind you up the most.

Yesterday I sat and watched them play together, and it really was great, watching them getting on and joining in with each other.  But other days, I won't lie, I can't wait for bed time to come around, just so I can get a break from the fighting, crying and moans of "he's taken my...." "she hit me...." "I don't like she....." that seem to follow me around the house, no matter where I hide.

Four kids is great, I'd recommend it to anyone, but just remember that the lovely, loving interaction, often is accompanied by the full on fighting and dislike.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Breast and bottle feeding dolls

I was never a big fan of dolls when I was little, but my three year old, Lena, just loves her babies.  She carries them around, dresses them and sometimes even sleeps with them.  While I was keen for her to have cloth nappies for her babies, (apart from anything else, they last better when being constantly taken off and put back on again)  but it never occurred to me that feeding them might be an issue.  That was until yesterday when she asked me for a bottle for her baby.

Now I don't want to sound like a total breastfeeding zealot her, which I suspect that I may, but I have to admit that I really wasn't keen.  Both Lena and her younger sister, have been totally breastfed, my complete inability to express more than the tiniest drop of milk mean that bottles have just never figured in our feeding equation, so I was quite surprised.  I hadn't really thought that she would see bottles as something that a baby wanted or needed.  Until she went to daycare a few times a week, I doubt she'd even seen a baby bottle, and now she want's one for her baby.  But does it matter?

I really don't care how people feed their babies, it's non-of my business, although I am keen that people get the help support and information that they need.  What I don't like though, is the way that bottles are seen as the "norm" and for that reason, I'd rather that she didn't have a bottle to play with.  Of course when feeding a doll, a bottle does make more sense, especially one of those magic bottles where the milk seems to disappear.  Time and time again, in films and on television, you see people bottle feeding.  New baby cards are often decorated with pictures of bottles, and if you were to conduct a random survey on the street and ask people to name ten baby related items, I'd guess that a bottle would feature pretty near the top.  So if I can help it, I'd rather not add to that myself, and I'd rather that she didn't have a toy bottle to play with.

Having said all of that, to be honest, I'm really not keen on the "breastfeeding dolls" either, the ones with a strap on flower attachment for your child's chest, so that they can feed them.  It's just a bit unnecessary, children are perfectly capable of playing at "feeding" their babies if they want without the need for strap on contraptions.  I get the idea, the alternative approach to the little plastic bottle that you often see included with new dolls,  but I think this is taking it a bit far.  Surely the ideal is to show the natural approach.  Using pretend and imagination is an important part of childhood that toy makers often forget.

So,I guess we'll see if she asks again, and make a decision then.  But hopefully she won't, we don't really need more small, plastic toys to clutter the place up.