Monday, 9 December 2013

Draw your own conclusions.....

Yesterday afternoon, in an attempt to contain the madness that is four young children at the end of term and just before Christmas, I sat them all down at the table and got them doing some Christmas drawings.  I was also feeling rather tired, having been out the night before, not even particularly late (and I only had one drink) but by the time we were home and in bed, it was late for me (these days at least) so I needed a bit of a break.

They were all quite happily colouring in, with only a few squabbles, (Kai's got my orange pen, Lena's drawn on my paper, Anja's ripped it again) just the normal par for the course thing.  Lena was busy doing her drawing and humming thing, not sure if it's a concentration thing, or just a Lena-ism.  'I've drawn me and you' she suddenly announced 'we're happy'

I asked her why we were happy, and she replied 'Because we're going out, just you and me.  Kai and Mahe have got to stay at home with Grandma, and Anja'
'Where are we going?' I asked
'To go shopping and get some lollies'
There was another picture of Daddy holding Mahe in his house:
I'm not quite sure what that one tells me, but it did amuse me that she drew a picture of us being happy because the others weren't with us.  I suppose it could be seen as a cry that we don't spend enough time together, but as it is we get a good couple of days a week without the boys with us, and often it's just the two of us, as Anja sleeps.  She's also a child of contradictions, while she might draw a picture of us without the boys, she's been deeply concerned all week that Mahe and Kai can come to the playcentre Christmas party, and meet Santa too.  

It never hurts to remember though, that as much as I love (most of the time) the craziness that is all four of them at home at once, that they all crave a bit of one on one 'me' time from us too.