Thursday, 5 December 2013

Big pants

Back in the day, I used to have a pretty good figure, but four children, one c-section and far far too much chocolate later and it's not what it was.  The main offender is my tummy, I've got a bit of a jelly belly going on, and now that Anja is 18 months old, I can't really claim that it's just post baby weight.  So, in an effort to do something about it, and improve my silhouette slightly, last week I invested in some big pants.
Now, I know that really what I should be saying is that I've started eating a bit healthier, and doing more exercise, and long term I will, really.  The thing is though, I have four kids, so no energy for proper exercise, and for the same reason, I feel that I really need the chocolate......

On Saturday we have a Christmas/end of year type do to attend, and not wanting to sound like a total stereo type, I have nothing to wear.  So, yesterday, after a bit of wardrobe raiding, I found an oldish dress, and tried it on with my new big pants.  My offending jelly belly was soon pulled into shape, and looked great, there were a couple of small problems that I hadn't anticipated though.  The heavily elasticated bit at the top of the big pants, started to roll down, just in the time I was trying the dress on, over the course of the evening it would only get worse, and no doubt by the end I'd have my jelly belly back and a big roll of pant showing.  The other problem was that because the pants are so tight, at the top, on the sides, I suddenly had two lumps sticking out.  I'm not particularly in need of pulling in there, but because I'd been pulled in just below, it made me look really odd.  Back to the drawing board.

I suppose that really there's nothing for it, I'm going to have to actually try and get a bit fitter and more toned. My main fear is that because of the c-section I'll never get rid of all of the 'sag' but it would be easier with a little less to work with. That's not going to happen by this weekend though, so I'm not sure what I'll do there.  Anyone know where I can find something flattering and not too expensive in the next two days? No? Me either.