Thursday, 19 December 2013

Over indulging at Christmas

Of course, when it comes to over indulging, then Christmas is the time for it. I wasn't really thinking in terms of food and drink though (although, there'll be plenty of that soon) more the way that Christmas itself seems to come more and more full on all the time.

So far the kids have been to two Christmas parties and met Santa, there would have been a third, but it looks as though that one isn't happening now.  Of course it's all very exciting, and the really Christmas seems to be all about the children, but sometimes I think maybe it's a bit much for them.

More presents from Santa

After our first Christmas party, Mahe said to me, I really like the present that Santa gave me, but I wanted some road signs for Christmas.  I laughed and explained that, although we'd seen Santa, that wasn't actually Christmas, just a pre-Christmas party.  A few days later, after the second party, Lena asked why there were still Christmas decorations up.  Again I explained that it wasn't Christmas just yet, that was still to come.

Mahe unwraps his santa gift

I was thinking about it later, when rushing madly around the shops, getting the last of the Christmas shopping done, that really if I'd have said that yes that was it, that was Christmas, both Mahe and Lena would have probably been quite happy.  Every year we spend ages getting just the right gifts, spending a (relative) fortune on the big day, and making sure that it's all perfect and magical for them.  Of course, Christmas isn't really about that, and it can still be totally magical for children and adults alike, without blowing the budget.

No over indulging at Christmas here, Anja would rather have a balloon.

I've never been into the idea of not buying for the adults, as lots of people seem to do.  The kids have plenty of toys, and they get heaps of presents from everyone anyway.  I'd rather spend a tiny bit less on the whole Christmas 'event' and have a little left for some small gifts for all the important people in the family, and make Christmas a special day for everyone.  Of course, I'll be also over indulging at Christmas in the usual way, with plenty of food and drink.