Friday, 25 October 2013

Wrestling with the Waltons

A little while ago I posted "living here is a bit like living in a cross between the Waltons and WWF wrestling" many of my friends with a few children seemed to know exactly what I mean.  It is like that though, a lot of the time.

One minute there they are, playing nicely together, or having a picnic with one another in the garden.

Then the next someone's hit someone, or taken something, or just tackled someone to the ground for no obvious reason and it all descends into chaos.

I'm not complaining, not really, I love having four kids, and watching the way the interact is one of the things that I love.  With age gaps of two years, 19 months, and just over two years, it means that on the whole they are very close, but as is often the way, it's those that you are closest too who wind you up the most.

Yesterday I sat and watched them play together, and it really was great, watching them getting on and joining in with each other.  But other days, I won't lie, I can't wait for bed time to come around, just so I can get a break from the fighting, crying and moans of "he's taken my...." "she hit me...." "I don't like she....." that seem to follow me around the house, no matter where I hide.

Four kids is great, I'd recommend it to anyone, but just remember that the lovely, loving interaction, often is accompanied by the full on fighting and dislike.

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