Wednesday, 16 October 2013

As the Tui flies

One of the great things about living where we do, is the setting. We're at the end of a road, with a great view out over the harbour, most of the time it's so peaceful here, apart from when the kids are playing some crazy game that it, but that's all good too.

We're also, as the Tui flies, really quite close to the Orokonui bird sanctuary, I should admit first of all, that it's been a while since I've been for a visit, must go again, but we don't have to visit to get the benefit. More and more often we're getting lots of interesting a different birds here, that have made there way over from Orokonui, or have been attracted to the area because of it.  Yesterday afternoon, hanging the washing out, I just stood and listened to the beautiful bird song that surrounded us.

Standing out more than anything (maybe because it's one of the few I can actually identify) was a Tui.  I tried very hard to spot him (or her) but no luck this time.

Tree where I think the Tui was hiding.

Of course it's all a million miles away from what I grew up with.  I was lucky, I grew up in the British countryside, so bird song was still around, just different birdsong.  More than anything the sound of wood pigeons puts me right back into a summery Derbyshire afternoon.  It's one of the few sound effects that British TV gets right, countryside = wood pigeons, unlike their portrayal of countryside at night which always has a rather spooky sounding fox, hearing that, around "our way" at least was unusual.

It's important to value this natural soundtrack though, wherever you live.  I remember on the day I got married, the driver of my wedding car, commenting on the birdsong.  I hadn't really thought about it then, it was just background noise, but to him it stood out, living in a newish estate, they didn't get the birds.  So next time you're outside, stand still for a second, be quiet and just listen.  Who needs any other music?