Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Post Birthday Blues

Actually, that's not entirely true, if anything I feel a bit better today, the day after my birthday than I did yesterday.  But, seeing as that's what I'm writing about, as a title it will do.  Birthday's are funny things, when you're a child they're exciting things to look forward to, but the older you get, the less thrilling the idea of getting even older becomes. Not that I mind being this age, I just didn't really want to be it just yet.

It's not my birthday that bothers me so much though, I'm not sure that I'm ready for Mahe to be five yet.  Not only does it mean that he's off to school (sob) but it also means that we've been here for nearly five years.  That seems like such a long time!  If I try to remember five years ago, and what I thought I'd be doing five years on, I'm pretty sure that this isn't what I pictured.

Not that I can really complain, in that time I've had two beautiful daughters, and the boys have grown into two lovely boys, but it's not really what I imagined, or to be honest wanted.  Don't get me wrong, on the whole I'm happy here, but it's times like this that the homesickness really kicks in.

So yes, birthdays, a year older, another year on, but I think I'd like normal service to resume instead please.

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