Sunday, 6 October 2013

Road works and birthdays

As you may have gathered from Mahe's birthday party theme, he's very into road signs at the moment.  For his birthday last week, we ordered him his very own road sign.  Narrowing it down to a favourite was a bit of a hard decision, as there seem to be so many that he likes, but the current favourite is the "dead end" sign.

Dead end signs aren't usually used here in New Zealand, apparently, but I found a great chap on trademe, who will put anything that you want onto a sign. They're for "man caves" but seem to be just as suitable for five year olds.

I don't know if we should be concerned about just how into road signs he is, at daycare the other day, he told one of his teachers that he wished he could talk about road signs all of the time. He also came home with a pile of drawings of road signs that he'd done, including this one:

He explained that it's a picture of him asleep in bed, dreaming of road signs.  (Men at work in this case).  I think it's just Mahe though, he was the same (and still is to an extent) about trains, and then after that dark tunnels.  I do wonder what will be next though.

Kai's birthday presents were more along the more usual boy gifts of lego and the like.  They both got light sabres though, which are quiet cool, they make light sabre (or even light saver!) type noises when swished around.  Anja is quite taken with them too. (Ignore the fact that she has odd wellies, and no trousers on....)

I had got things I wanted to tell you about tandem breastfeeding, and anniversaries, but that can wait for next time.....

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