Wednesday, 25 September 2013

All (road) signs point to a good birthday

It was the boys joint birthday party last weekend, Mahe's 5th and Kai's 7th, although their actual birthday's aren't until this weekend.  Kai wanted a lego party, which was pretty straightforward at least, Mahe wanted a road sign party.  That took a little bit longer to come up with, but I think he was pleased with what we came up with.

I got hold of a lot of small orange "traffic" cones from the dollar shop, I printed out road sign pictures and stuck them to the cones, and then added some hat elastic; party themed hats, that double as traffic toys later.

I borrowed some road signs from Mahe's daycare, and printed some out, and then used these for a treasure hunt.  Perfect for children who aren't reading yet, as they could go from one sign to the next find the next clue (a printed picture of the next road sign to look for) before finding the treasure under yet another traffic cone.

A decorated paper bag served as a Pinata, with a dead end sign marked on it (Mahe's favorite sign, although we don't actually have them here in NZ).

The cake was the easiest item of all, a road sign with a number on it?  Simple, a speed sign, although you don't often see 5km an hour signs!

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