Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tandem breastfeeding; at an end

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this before, but until recently I was tandem breastfeeding my girls.  It's the second time that I've tandem fed, Mahe and Lena are only 19 months apart, and as Mahe didn't wean until he was nearly two and a half, I tandem fed the two of them for quite a while.  So, tandem breastfeeding the girls wasn't a new experience, but either way, now it's come to an end.

I didn't set out with the thought in mind that I'd be feeding Mahe until he was two, actually, after the disaster that was breastfeeding Kai, I just wanted to get to six months without any formula.  We had a bit of a rocky start, and then went from strength to strength.  By the time Lena was on the way, I didn't want to stop just because I was pregnant, and so, I didn't.  My midwife suggested that either I weaned him early, or kept going once the new baby arrived, because to wean close to giving birth could lead to jealous issues.  So, we kept going, even through the uncomfortable phase that happens mid-pregnancy, when it often feels if your milk has dried up.

Once Lena arrived, there was a little jealousy, because I've never been very good at feeding both at the same time, so I tried not to, but most of the time it worked well.  So, when Anja came along, I did the same, and Lena carried on wanting to feed for a lot longer than Mahe ever did.  It was only recently that she finally stopped totally.  She'd slowed right down, and I do wonder if she hadn't had a younger sister to compete with, whether she would have bothered to continue, she'd quite happily go even days between feeds sometimes.  And then, sometime a couple of months ago, she must have had her last feed.  I couldn't tell you exactly when the last one was, but that was it, it had come to an end.  No more tandem feeding, and my little Lena is growing into a big girl, even though she still can't reach the door handles, which is apparently the best measure of whether you're a big girl or not.

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