Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Me time

Sometimes you just need a bit of 'me' time. Yesterday, as I think I mentioned yesterday, I went for a massage, which is serious me time. That doesn't happen very often though, if at all, but I think we do all need a bit of me time.

My me time has always been getting lost in a story. When I was little it was more the daydreaming and inventing my own story or adventure in my head, as I got older, and started to read more myself, then I'd get lost in other peoples tales. I still did tell myself stories though and still do if I'm honest. Me time for me has often been about writing, reading or thinking a story. Escaping to a place in my head where I can live out an adventure or experience something completely different for a while.

I would think that might sound quite dull to some people, but I think we all need escapism of some kind. If you don't like reading, then perhaps a good film (or even a bad one) is enough to take yourself out of yourself for a while. What I love about reading, is that no matter how exciting or unexciting your own life is, for a brief while you can imagine yourself as someone else or somewhere else. 

The downside to getting lost in a really good book though, is that you often feel flat once it's over. I'm a self confessed greedy reader. If I'm really enjoying something, then no matter how hard I try, I can't make it last. I have to read it quickly, race to the end, and then feel sorry that it's all over. Every time I find myself getting engrossed in a book, or even series of books, I promise myself that this time I'll stretch it out, make it last. I never manage that though.

The great thing about a book, is that you can dip into it throughout the day. A few minutes reading before going to sleep at night, or in the middle of the afternoon if you get chance for a cup of tea. You can snatch little bits of the story, get lost in your own little world for a time, here and there. You don't need hours to invest in yourself and relaxation, you can just take what you can and make the most of it.

I'm sure if I'd have lived in a time when most people didn't learn to read and books weren't something that most people would ever touch, let alone own, I'd have still had stories. Stories that you shared with one another, stories that you made up yourself, random little daydreams while going about your day to day life. I'm glad that I do live in an age of reading and books, and even electronic books that you can buy at the touch of a button. I'll take my few minutes me time and enjoy the story, thank you very much.

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