Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hamster life

Ever have those days, or even weeks and months where you seem to do the same things over and over again. I'm feeling a bit like that at the moment, like it's a hamster life. It doesn't help that I have so much on at the moment of course, but I feel a bit like I'm drowning under the housework.

I think that we've already established that cake decorating isn't really my thing, despite my best efforts, but it has to be said that house work really really isn't my thing. Unlike cake decorating, I don't really put my best effort into it either. It's not that I like living in a state of mess either, I actually really really don't, but I also don't like dealing with it. At the moment things have reached crisis point. My lounge looks a little as though life has exploded across it. It's not normally that bad, but with party organising, a LOT of washing to sort and put away, and children who seem to think that their only purpose in life is to make a mess, well, it's not good.

Much of the problem is that it seems to be never ending, no matter how clean and tidy you get a room, turn around, count to five, and suddenly it looks as though some kind of natural disaster has struck. Last week, the house was looking quite good, I was on top of it all, and feeling good about it. A day or so later and a casual observer would assume that I haven't actually lifted a finger in about a year. It's never ending, just like that hamster wheel. You'll notice that there are no photos, I'm really quite ashamed about the state of it, so I won't be sharing those!

At the moment I have two choices; put up with the mess, or just get on and deal with it. Stop moaning either way. I can't quite bring myself to do nothing (apart from anything else, I can't find anything that I need at the moment!) so I'd better get on and deal with it... wish me luck!