Saturday, 30 May 2015

Moving stress

Moving stress
There are few things more stressful than moving house, I should know, I've done it enough in the last ten years or so. 

A couple of years ago now, I worked out that we'd moved about ten times in the previous ten years. 

Fortunately, since then we've stayed put, and in the last three years we've not gone anywhere. I dislike moving so much, that I've said that's it, I'm not moving again.

Unfortunately I'm not completely missing out on the stress of dealing with house sales though, We've currently got our little house on the market. Back when we first moved to New Zealand, we moved into a tiny two bedroom (although the second bedroom is so small that it doesn't really count) by the time we'd got three children, it was clearly far too small for us.  For a while we rented it out and then did it up read to sell.

It's taken a bit of time, but a few weeks ago, we finally got to a position where we could put it on the market. Yay. So now we have to wait and see what will happen, it's not the greatest time of year for selling houses, being so cold and all, but hopefully...

With any luck we can finally start doing the things we want to do to our own house, getting it done how we want. Phase one, the new fire has just been done, but there's quite a way to go yet...