Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I must confess...

It's funny isn't it. You often think that you know yourself. But it's so very easy to suddenly discover something new that you hadn't really realised before. It's not usually something major, but it can be quite a surprise to find out something about yourself that you hadn't known before. 

I have recently discovered, and I am going to say this quietly, as it's a bit of a guilty pleasure, that I actually quite like romance novels. I don't suppose that it should be a guilty pleasure, but romance novels don't have a great reputation. The thing is, I like reading, I like reading lots of things, but I've always had quite a dismissive attitude to romance. I'll happily read murder mystery like they're going out of fashion, but turned my nose up at the idea of a romance book.

The really crazy thing, is that lots of my favourite books are really romance, or at least contain a
heavy dose of romance. I love all of Jane Austin's books for example, but of course they're much more than that. As I suppose are all other books that I really like.

I don't like all romance books though, they can't be too cheesy and they must be well written with a bit more going on than man meets woman. Actually the best ones have far more going on, but have a nice bit of romance to add that feel good factor. 

Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age, next thing you know I'll be enjoying romantic comedy films too. Surely not?!