Sunday, 10 May 2015

A nice cup of tea

I love a good cup of tea. I know that's a bit of a cliché, me being English and all, but I do, I really do. There are few things that a good cup of tea won't fix, in fact one of the only things I can think of that it won't fix is when you wake up in the morning and find you've run out of tea bags, and that's only because it can't fix that. Obviously.

Of course there are good cups of tea and bad cups of tea. The latter are often served in polystyrene cups, with the tea bag left it, and usually involve UHT milk. (What's that about?) There are also those bad cups of tea, made by people who clearly don't understand tea, and put in far too much or too little of one of the key ingredients, one of which is of course love of the tea.

A nice cup of teaNot all bad cups of tea, actually are bad cups of tea though. Four times in my life, I have had the most
amazing cups, but all four times they've been in the said polystyrene cups, and not completely 'right.' The timing though has been spot on. If you've not a woman, and/or have never had children, then you won't know about this. The best cups of tea on the planet, are the ones that you get after giving birth, usually served with slightly cold toast spread with some kind of yellow spread, not real butter and dodgy, not really fruit jam. The toast is also one of the most fantastic meals on the planet and it comes either just before or just after one of the best showers you will ever have. It is of course, one of those situations where context is everything.

Tea starts my day and on most days ends it too. I usually have only one or two cups during the day though. I learnt my lesson while at Uni on that one. A tea break every half hour or so of study, leads to caffeine withdrawal when you re-enter the real world. 

I love tea, it's great. Can't imagine not having a nice cup of tea or two every day.