Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Book Reviews

You may have already noticed, I'm a bit of a book lover. I read. A lot. I keep meaning to write reviews good reads, but so far I haven't, though I've done the odd one on amazon.

I always leave the 'stars' on both amazon and good reads, but I always find myself agonising over how many stars to mark a book. How can you possibly decide if a book is worth out of only five stars? Often I love a book, but is it really worth the 'perfect' five? If it's not, does that mean that books that are good, but not as good as the great ones don't deserve the four stars that it seems obvious to give them. 

On amazon you have to leave at least one star, which surely some books don't deserve. If they're really bad. 

Recently I've been quite  generous on the star front. If I really enjoy a book then it gets five, even if it's not perfect. If I enjoy it then it's usually a four. If it's not so good then a three will do. I don't like to give up on rubbish books, but then I've only read one recently that only deserved a two.

In any case, the star system is just not that good. So the time has come to not give books marks, but to share my thoughts on them on here. Some of them at least. Here's to the book reviews...