Friday, 8 May 2015

Finding the photos

I'm on day eight of this month long blog challenge, I still seem to be going fairly strong, the hardest part of it though, is finding photos. Actually that seems to be the hardest part of any blog writing that I do. Somehow finding the right pictures to go with a post is really, really, hard.

Does it really matter? Do I have to post photos with a blog post? I'm not today, but most of the time I need them. If it's to illustrate a point of back up what I'm saying, then it's a bit easier, I at least know what the photos should be. Of course then I have to take them, or get them from somewhere. At other times, it just makes it look more interesting, is easier on the eye, if there are photos to break things up. Perhaps I should be constantly taking photos just so that I have them to hand in case I need to use them in a blog at some point, my own personal image catalogue.

The alternative of course is to use stock photos, there are a few of downsides to that though:

  • Everyone can use them: Have you see that photo of a baby in a blanket? I've seen it on that many different websites. It's a cute photo, but who wants to use the same image everyone else has?
  • You often have to pay: For a personal, non-business blog I can't afford to go spending money on pictures for it. There are some good free options, but they are still stock photos and possibly even more likely to be used by other people.
  • Most are too random: There is a stock photo to illustrate just about every point you could wish to make and there would be still more to go around. I only hope these poor people doing odd things were well paid.
That's not to say that I've never used stock photos, after all, where else would I get a photo of high heels from? I could have managed without the photo I suppose, but it does make the post look better. 

Sadly today's is photo free, I thought that no photos was perhaps the best way to illustrate the difficulty of finding photos.