Monday, 4 May 2015

Being a parent is...

Yesterday I came across one of those lists you see on line, this one was about what parenting is really like. It caught my eye because the first one said something along the lines of 'parenting is mostly shouting where are your shoes, find your shoes you're all ready late.' I seem to spend a great deal of time saying this to my children. I don't know what it is about shoes, for some reason between the time that they are taken off at night, and the time they need to be put on again in the morning, they go for a wander all by themselves. Even on the days when I make sure that they've been put away in the cupboard where they live, they still seem to have gone on an adventure by the time morning comes around.

For someone who is often late getting out of the door, this is little short of a disaster. Yet again I'm going to be rushing the children into the classroom as the bell sounds calling out sorry-we're-late-couldn't-find-the-shoes/keys/my-marbles in a fast out of breath jumble as I race to the cloak room to hang up their school bags. I never used to be like this I'm sure, prior to children I was organised, generally on time, and certainly didn't spend half my life looking for shoes.

It's not just the shoe hunting that's unexpected though, you find yourself saying the most bizarre things that you would never have dreamt would come out of your mouth in a million years. 
"Bat man, please don't hit your sister with a light sabre, she doesn't like it."

"You can play with the rabbit again tomorrow, right now it's bed time"

"No, you can't take the bike to bed with you"

There are many many more. I can't say I ever expected to say any of them, but say them you do, it's all part of being a parent. It is of course, all good fun, but it's nothing like I expected. Nothing at all.