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The Convenient Marriage - Georgette Heyer

The Convenient MarriageThe Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer
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I'm not sure why I haven't got around to reading more of Georgette Heyer's novels, as I thoroughly enjoy them when I do. The Convenient marriage is in many ways, more of a comedy than anything else, but it certainly also has its share of romance and I was left with a contented smile on my face by the end.
The hero and heroine are in many ways a complete mismatch. Horry is headstrong, immature and only 17. The Earl of Rule is quite a bit older and seemingly has no real need or wish for his wife. After Rule's sister suggests that he marries and Horry's family needs one of their daughters to marry well in order to save them from financial ruin, Horry and Rule enter into a marriage of convenience, with Horry promising not to interfere in Rule's life.
I know that many people are put off by the huge age gap. By today's standards, it's pretty big, but this is a story set over 20 years ago and people are a little concerned that someone just out of the schoolroom has made such a great match but don't seem to be too concerned about the age difference. Horry is a little bit young for Rule, but by the end of the book she has grown into her role as wife and they seem quite suited. If you can put aside modern sensibility, then I really don't think that the age difference is a problem.
I loved the humour in this book. Rule has a very dry wit and I found myself chuckling whenever he appeared. He clearly finds himself drawn to Horry's character and finds her frankness and direct approach delightful. I can easily imagine them becoming a close couple that understands each other very well as their relationship progressed.
This was a highly entertaining read, with many of the side characters adding to the humour, Pom and Pel, in particular, are very funny with their continued well-meaning, but ultimately hopeless attempts to help. I loved Horry and Rule and seeing how their marriage becomes more than a convenient one by the end.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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