Friday, 20 January 2017

Sweet - Lisa Hahn

I have to admit that you could probably put my knowledge about ballet on a postage stamp and still leave room for a margin, so I wasn't sure how I would get on with a romance set in the ballet world. I needn't have worried, Sweet grabbed my attention right from the very beginning. 

Sweet by Lisa Hahn

Cat Brown spends the first six years of her career as one of the lowest-ranking members of the Bretton Falls Ballet. Despite the dancer’s undisputable talent, artistic director Lillian Smith insists Cat is too short for a leading role. When Lillian is forced to retire, world-renowned ballet dancer Dmitri Fedorov takes over and casts Cat as the premier performer in his first production with the company. Cat struggles to fend off a host of distractions as she prepares for the most important role of her career: the most insurmountable of which is her instant attraction to the new boss.
Dmitri, once known for his theatrical performances and womanizing proclivities, disappears into seclusion after a horrific car accident shatters his knee and renders him unable to dance. Looking to escape the constant reminders of how far he’s fallen, Dmitri escapes to Bretton Falls in hopes of elevating the small ballet company there to international prestige. The task proves to be more challenging than Dmitri had bargained for when his surprising interest in Cat Brown becomes fodder for gossip among the company.
Cat and Dmitri both have a lot riding on their upcoming production of The Nutcracker, knowing that their careers depend upon the outcome. However, the biggest challenge they face will be staying away from one another.

My Review

As I mentioned at the beginning, my knowledge of ballet is pretty limited. I did once attend a ballet class when I was around four. They wanted me to pretend to be a penguin, while I was just disappointed not to be leaping around in a tutu. I took the only course of action sensible in such situations and hid in the curtains. Fortunately our heroine in this story, Cat Brown, has fared far better in the discipline than I ever did and has dedicated her life to it. Now in her early 20's Cat is still in the corps of the ballet company and not taking the coveted soloist roles or moving onto one of the larger, better know ballet companies.

Cat is starting to think that perhaps she should move onto a different career, when finally her dreams seem to be coming true. A new director arrives who casts her as Clara in the Nutcracker. The only problem is that Cat finds herself drawn to her director in ways that she should not explore and the feeling is more than mutual. No matter how hard they try, the pull between them is too great and Dmitri and Cat can't seem to stay away from one another.

I really loved this book. The chemistry between the two is great and the developing relationship really well drawn. I really enjoyed following the story as it unfolded and we found out what was going to happen to Cat and Dmitri in the end.

If you love ballet, them I am sure that you will love this book. If you don't really know anything about ballet, then you will probably still enjoy it just as much. I did.

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