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Staking a Claim - Devon McKay

Staking a claim by Devon McKay

Staking a Claim

For most people, seeing Alaska is a dream come true. For Miami Beach resident, Samantha Held, it is merely a job assignment. An advertisement for vacationing in Alaska is one step closer to achieving her career goal, partnership in Kolinsky’s Advertising Agency. As far as accepting the offer of assistance from Blake Langford, a hunky Fish and Game officer and local rancher, though it is offered in a sour manner, she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. 

Determined to sabotage Sam’s goal in every way, Blake isn’t willing to accept any exploitation of his beloved state, no matter how desirable the striking, southern blonde bombshell with fiery green eyes. Falling in love with the enemy was never part of the plan.

My Review

Staking a Claim is a city girl meets country boy story. Sam is from Maimi and is used to dressing in suits and heels. Blake, also known as Wolf, is a Fish and Game officer, who also owns horses he takes out on trecks and wants to turn this into his livelihood. Blake has grown up in Alaska and is at home in the wilderness. Sam is a fish out of water. I have read a few books now, with a similar premise, in some ways I'd like the characters to be a little less stereotyped.

On the whole I enjoyed the book. It was a nice story and I liked both of the main characters. It wasn't perfect, but was a good quick read. I was a little disapointed in the sudden finish, it seemed to end a chapter or maybe two sooner than I expected it to. I also felt that sometimes it didn't flow as well as it could have done. But that might just be a personal preference.

If you enjoy nice, quick romances, then I don't think that you will be disapointed with Staking a Claim. I'd be interested in checking out future books by Devon McKay.


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