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My Heart My Home by Jessa Chase

My heart my home by Jessa Chase

My Heart My Home 

Kate Jacobson took the first bus out of Madelia, Washington the day she graduated high school, and she hasn't looked back. With a blossoming medical career at a busy New York hospital, she has found her calling. But when her best friend is gunned down in front of her by a drug-addled patient, Kate turns back to her small town roots, looking for stability and a place to belong.

Logan McAllister has worked his entire adult life to make the people of Madelia see him as more than the kid from the wrong side of the train tracks. He's built a business with his own two hands, revitalizing the historic landmark homes in town to their former glories. He grew up with parents so completely infatuated with each other, he can't imagine wanting to jump into the suffocating arms of love himself. But when his high school crush Kate comes back to town, he can't help but fan the fires and reignite their old flame.

But not everyone is happy about her return . . .

When Kate's clinic is vandalized, the two set aside the differences stemming from their pasts and set out to find and stop the vandal. As they work to solve one problem, their undeniable feelings for one another present another problem that's even more dangerous-at least for her heart.

Kate can handle the crazy politics. What she can't handle is smart, sexy, reformed bad boy Logan, who keeps showing up on her doorstep, determined to kiss the living daylights out of her. 

Logan was wrong for her when she was eighteen, is he even more wrong for her now? 

My Review

Starting a New Year with a new book is always good, so this year I settled down to read My Heart, My Home, when I had some time over the holiday. I was in the mood for a nice, light, enjoyable read and this ticked all of those boxes. This is the story of Kate and Logan, who once kissed before she left town for good after graduating high school. Kate returns to her home town after her best friend is shot right in front of her while she's at work as a doctor in A & E.

Kate's return to Madelia isn't an easy transition, with people being reluctant to visit her clinic and accept her, even though this is the town where she grew up. Logan helps her to settle in and gain people's trust within the town. Seeing her again re-ignites the feelings that he had for her when they were both younger and it isn't long before romance is blossoming between them.

This is quite a sweet story, as the love develops between Kate and Logan. The only real stumbling blocks are understanding what they and each other really wants. Although Logan had a reputation as a 'bad boy' in his youth, now he's clearly reformed, a trustworthy and reliable man. 

Over all this was a great light read, that I polished off in a day or so. I really enjoyed it and as it's the first in a series, I'll look forward to checking out the later titles in the series when they come out. 

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