Monday, 30 January 2017

My Best Friend's Girl - Patricia Ryan

If you've read my blog before, you'll know that one of my favourite author's is Patrica Ryan. I've been reading her North Moon Bay and Hot City Night's series. I've been a bit behind with the reviews unti now, so I'm hoping to share my thoughts over the next few weeks, starting with this one.

My Best Friends Girl

He had a damn good reason to stay away from her… and now a million reasons to come back.
My Best Friend's Girl by Patricia Ryan

Dean Kettering: The quintessential lone wolf, he’s led a solitary existence on his sailboat since leaving the Air Force. Then one simple act puts this antisocial bad boy in the middle of a media frenzy, earning him the title of “hero” along with an unexpected windfall of a million dollars. He doesn’t want the money—doesn’t feel he deserves it—but he knows someone who does….
Laura Sweeney: Dean’s polar opposite, devoted to home and hearth, she’s the woman he secretly longed for even after she married his best friend… the friend who made Dean promise to take care of her as he lay dying. But when he finally sought her out, their long-simmering passion flared into irresistible, white-hot need.
Dean walked out of Laura’s life that night, only to return years later with a million dollars he insists she must take. But if she does, she’ll have to let him back in… and tell him the truth about her little girl’s father.
North Moon Bay series.

My Review

I have read this book before, under it's previous title, Million Dollar Baby. It's one that I really enjoyed though, so reading it again was no hardship. This series has been updated from the original version, to modernise it slightly too, so it wasn't exactly the same as the last time I read it.
Dean has always loved Laura, even when he knew that he shouldn't love her. Even when she was with his best friend and he knew that he could never do anything to hurt him or their relationship. Laura had always know that Dean was attracted to her. She felt something for him too, even though she loved her husband and didn't want anything else.
Laura doesn't trust Dean any longer. He hurt her and seemed to prove that he was the heartless, love them and leave them type that he'd always seemed to be. He runs away when she needs him most and for years she hears nothing more. When Dean returns with a million dollars to give her, Laura want's nothing to do with him. For all these years she's been keeping a secret from him and to let him into her life and heart could endanger everything.
I loved the way that the relationship between Dean and Laura developed. Dean had to learn to accept who he really was in order to get all he'd ever wanted. Laura had to learn to trust that Dean really could offer all that she'd ever wanted. Laura's best friend was a great character too and I enjoyed the dimension that she added to the story. I also loved Laura's five year old daughter Janey.
The only downside with this book is that it was over far too soon. That might be my own fault though, for reading it far too quickly and not putting it down.

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