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Healing Danger - Maddie Wade

Healing Danger- Maddie Wade
Book one of the Fortis Security series, by Maddie Wade.

Healing Danger

Dealing with the horrific murder of her best friend is more than enough for school teacher Lauren Cassidy, but now a madman has decided that she needs to die for her part in that death. With her life in danger and her past catching up with her, will she stay alive long enough to trust the one man with her heart, that she has never forgotten?

With the promise to catch a killer and keep Lauren safe, Dane Bennet must now protect her from the evil in her past. A sick cult group with ties to the government and the rich and powerful are determined to use her powers for their own evil gain. Will Dane be able to protect the woman he loves or will he have his chance at happiness snatched away? Dane must use every ounce of his elite special forces training to keep her safe, even if it means breaking her heart.

Determined to stop the evil that threatens the world and avenge the death of a friend, will Lauren and Dane be able to overcome their intense attraction to stop the people determined to end her life and start Armageddon or will their passion blind them?

My Review

I was quite keen to read Healing Danger, written by a British author, I was hopeful that it would be something a little different. Sadly, I couldn't help but feel that the author really wanted to write a US style suspense but just placed it in England. There wasn't a great deal that made it stand out as a British book. For me, this was a real opportunity lost. Fortunately, the story itself had enough going on that it didn't completely put me off.

The book was quite quick moving, with plenty going on and lots of characters to keep you interested. The interaction between the hero and heroine was good and mostly believable. The only thing I struggled with a little was why Lauren had got involved with a previous partner when she was already interested in Dane. Of course, there wouldn't be much of a story if they'd got together before the book was set, but it still just didn't ring quite true for me.

There was plenty of action that took place over the course of the book, so despite some of the small things that irritated me, I still enjoyed this book. There was lots of action and the romance between Lauren and Dane was believable. There were a few cliches that it would have been better without and the dialogue wasn't always natural, but I think this probably has more to do with it being the first book. Hopefully, it will get better in future books in the series.

I'm not sure if I'll read the next book in the series. I would like to hear what happens to some of the other characters that were introduced in the book. The very long epilogue at the end was a little annoying. It seemed to go on for pages, covering many different people, rather than summing up what had just happened and giving a little hint of what was to come. Overall, I think that the series has potential and the second book may well we worth checking out.

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