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The Marriage Arrangement - Patricia Ryan

The Marriage Arrangement - Patricia Ryan
A few years ago now, I came across a wonderful series of historical murder mysteries set in Boston in the late 1800's. If you've been to this blog before, then I'm sure that you'll know that the Nell Sweeney books are some of my absolute favourite books. You might have also gathered from my reviews of them, (which are here by the way) that I'm a bit of a fan of their author; P.B.Ryan. 

While the Nell Sweeney series is written under the P.B.Ryan name, it just so happens that the same author writes some pretty great romance novels under the name Patrica Ryan. I happen to be a bit of a fan of them too, although, until now, I haven't actually reviewed any of them on here. In actual fact, Patrica Ryan can claim credit for making me realise that I do enjoy a good romance novel and opening up all of those wonderful (and yes, some not so wonderful) stories that I've consumed over the last few years. I started with Nell Sweeney, decided to try out her historical romances (to be reviewed at a later date, I promise) and then moved onto the contemporary romances. Loving each and every one as I read them.

Until recently, all but a few of Patricia Ryan's back catalogue of contemporary romances have not been available on Kindle or in eBook format. But recently she has been able to re-release them with new titles, new covers and (I believe) having been slightly updated. When I was given the chance to review one of them, I jumped at it. I did get this book in return for a review, but lets face it, I would probably have purchased it anyway, and I will be buying the others too. Enough waffling though, on with the review.

North Moon Bay Series

The Marriage Arrangement is number two in the North Moon Bay series, don't let this put you off though. Although there are currently 3 books in the series, they are actually stand alone novels. The setting of the books is what ties them together, rather than any links between the characters from each story. 

North Moon Bay series by patricia ryan

What's it about

Clay Granger, a billionaire extreme sports star, thrives on taking risks and pursuing thrills. When his friend Izzy Fabrioni finds herself pregnant, alone, and broke, Clay proposes an arranged marriage that should solve all her problems while making his own life a bit more bearable. As one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, he's found himself hounded by matchmakers and gold-diggers. A wife—in name only, of course—should be just the ticket to get them off his back. 

Wary but desperate, Izzy agrees to the insane plan. It's just another escapade for Clay… until he discovers that sharing his life—and bed—with sweet, sexy Izzy makes the “in name only” part of the deal a whole lot harder than he had anticipated.

My Review

While the whole two people getting married for something other than love, but falling in love once they are married, is hardly a new theme in love stories, it is one that I enjoy. Most of the previous books that I have read with this as the story line, have been historic fiction. This one by contrast is a modern take on the theme. The idea that Clay and Izzy might think that marriage was a good idea to help them out of their problems, is believable and works. There is a hint though, right from the beginning, that as Izzy has long had feelings for Clay, she might be hoping for something more over time, even if she doesn't admit it to herself.

One of the things I loved about this story, was that it wasn't just about Clay and Izzy discovering how they felt about one another. Izzy has baggage from her previous relationships, men very like Clay have in the past treated her badly and she's reluctant to fall into the same trap again. For Clay the ghost of his previous wife has meant that he's kept women at arms length emotionally speaking, and had no closer relationships than one night stands. Both of the characters need to work out exactly what they want and except that, then make the changes in their life, or see the changes in the others life, before they can accept the growing relationship.

Over all this was a great book, perhaps a little bit of a lighter read than some of Patricia Ryan's other books, but still very enjoyable. The Marriage Arrangement was a good read, give it a go, I'm sure you'll like it.

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