Monday, 19 September 2016

The Viscount's Rose - Meara Platt

The Viscount's Rose by Meara Platt is the fifth book in the Farthingale Series. I reviewed number four, A Midsummer's Kiss here. As these books have, so far at least, have gone in reverse order, this is actually the first book time wise. If you haven't read one before, then you could quite easily start with this one and then work your way forwards (backwards?) to the beginning.

Rose, the oldest of the Farthingale sisters, a keen potter, is rescued from her pottery studio when it explodes. Her rescuer is her best friend Nicola's brother; Julian Emory. The dashing Viscount is courting Countess Valentina Deschanel, a celebrated beauty. But Julian's family do not like the Countess and are desperate to see him break off his relationship with her and settle down with someone more suitable. 

Rose attempts to help her friend by coming up with a plan to separate Julian from the Countess, but Rose is falling for the dashing Viscount. His family take the plan further than Rose expected and suddenly she finds herself thrown together with Julian. Can they resist one another?

There's more to Julian's supposed courtship of the Countess than first appears, is he able to admit his growing attraction for Rose, or does he have to put that to one side and finish his mission first? I thoroughly enjoyed the book. There were a couple of times towards the end when I wanted to give Julian a little shake because he wouldn't let Rose know how he really felt about her. 

I was a little bit worried that with the fifth book in the series and all five of the Farthingale sisters having had their story, that this might be the end of the books. Fortunately, though, the book finished with an extract of the next book in the series, featuring a cousin of the family. 

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