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Good to be Bad - Patricia Ryan

Good to be Bad by Patricia Ryan
It's always a great day when a new book comes out by one of my favourite authors. Today, Good to be Bad by Patricia Ryan was released, so that makes it a really great day as far as I am concerned. I was actually lucky enough to get my hands on a copy over the weekend, so that I could read it and review and let you all know what I think. I have to say, that getting it read in that short space of time wasn't an onerous task, as once I started I just couldn't put it down. 

Good to be Bad

Emma Sutcliffe is content playing the Good Twin to her glamorous, self-assured double, Zara, a literary superagent. Emma’s life is comfortable, predictable… if somewhat humdrum. But after she walks a mile in her sister’s yellow leather miniskirt and mile-high stilettos—hounded by a smoking hot surgeon-turned-thriller-writer who’s convinced she’s Zara—there’s no going back.  
Gage Foster flew all the way to New York for a meeting with Zara Sutcliffe, and now she’s trying to stand him up? Oh, hell no! He may be a laid-back son of the South, and she may be just about the sexiest thing he’s ever seen, but that doesn’t mean he’s about to sit still for that kind of high-handed bull crap. He’ll dog her heels until she gives him what he wants.  
Good to be Bad is book one in the “Double Dare” two-part romantic suspense mini series by identical-twin authors Patricia Ryan and Pamela Burford. Each book is a stand-alone romance and can be read and enjoyed on its own. The suspense story line that begins in Good to be Bad concludes in Pamela’s Twice Burned. Formerly titled Twice the Spice.

My Review

I do enjoy a good romantic suspense book and Good to be Bad was certainly that. The lead characters were believable and I loved reading about the growing attraction and romance between them. The suspense side of the book was thrilling, without detracting from the developing romance and the two aspects of the story seem to gel well together.

Our Hero, Gage Foster was at one time a surgeon, but after injuring his hand, now writes novels. The injured hero is a bit of a recurring theme in Patricia Ryan's books, hand and leg injuries do seem to pop up quite often. I'm not sure if it's a way of making the heros a little bit more vulnerable than they may have otherwise been? It does add an interesting extra dimension to the story lines though.

Although Emma, our heroine, is quite naive in the ways of men, and is quite reserved in general, she doesn't come across as being unable to function on her own. Something which can quite often happen with similar characters. Instead she is resourceful and willing to take a risk to solve her problems. 

What I really liked about this story, was the way that the relationship between Emma and Gage developed. Although he tried to be her knight in shining armour, she didn't let him take complete control. Often in romance novels, one character might get upset, or misunderstand something, then suddenly they admit that they got it wrong and everything is right again. Of course life isn't really like this. I did like the way that Emma wasn't prepared to instantly forgive, forget and sail off into the sunset, the second that Gage admitted that he might have been a little hasty in his judgement over something. 

I really enjoyed this book. Of course, I am going to have to read Twice Burned by Patricia Ryan's own twin, Pamela Burford. I need to know what happens next in the suspense story line. Good to be Bad is a stand-alone romance, so you don't need to read both, but lets face it, why wouldn't you?

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