Saturday, 15 October 2016

Three Weeks Dead - Rebecca Bradley

Three weeks dead by Rebecca Bradley
Back in June I read and reviewed the second DI Hannah Robbins book when it came out, Made to be Broken. This week I got to read the new book in the series, Three Weeks Dead. This is a little different as it is set before the previous two books and focuses on DC Sally Poynter, rather than her boss.

Sally is new to the team and trying to find her role within it. She is also trying to juggle the demands of working and spending time with her husband, who is a little less than thrilled at the idea of her working longer hours.

The case that the team are faced with this time, is a kidnapping. But unlike 'normal' kidnappings, this involves a dead body. Jason Well's wife Lisa had been killed in a car accident and buried. He soon discovers that her body has been stolen and that the kidnappers are threatening to feed her to dogs unless he steals some software the company he works for, has been developing. Jason is still struggling to come to terms with the recent death of his wife Lisa and having her body stolen is enough to push him into taking action that he wouldn't normally consider. 

I really enjoyed this story. It was great to get some background into one of the characters that appear in the other novels. You don't have to have to have read the other books and in some ways it would perhaps be better to start with this book first. 

I really enjoyed Three Weeks Dead, it was a great, quick read and I recommend it. I didn't manage to fully solve the mystery before the end of the book, although I had got a few ideas. I love the way that the crimes that DI Robbins' team seem to investigate seem to be a little different to the run of the mill crime stories. They have that little edge of difference, without being over the top or unbelievable. If you're looking for a new crime series, or a quick crime read, then Three Weeks Dead is a great place to start.

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