Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tempted by a Rogue - Lauren Smith

I'm taking part in the Spread Some Indy Love Blog Hop, 2016 with B00k r3vi3ws, and I thought that this year I'd take a look at Tempted by a Rogue by Lauren Smith.

You may already know that I'm a bit of a fan of Lauren Smith's books, so when she released Tempted by a Rogue, a regency romance novella, I was very keen to read it. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of novellas, I prefer a longer length novel so that I can really get my teeth into it, but that wasn't going to stop me reading this.

Tempted by a Rogue

Tempted by a Rogue by Lauren SmithGemma Haverford has been waiting for her sweetheart, James Randolph to return from his life at sea and marry her for many years. She has written to him since he left as a teenager and now, finally he is set to return and become her husband. There is a slight problem though, the man who she has been writing to isn't James at all, but his friend Jasper Holland.

On their return, James has found out that Jasper and Gemma have been writing to one another and arranges for Jasper to compromise Gemma before they are reunited properly. This way he can free himself from their supposed engagement and will be free to marry who he chooses.

I did find the beginning of the story a little bit overly complicated, if Jasper had simply come clean right at the beginning, then he, Gemma and James would have all got what they wanted without the confusing mess that was created, but then of course there would have been no story.

Of course, things do work out in the end, and I liked the flashes of humour that were woven into the story line. I think that it's a bit of a stretch that a lady like Gemma would really behave in the way that she does, even when faced with as fine a specimen of manhood as Jasper, but who cares really, stories like this are escapism and Tempted by a Rogue is a great way to escape and loose yourself. I really do love Lauren Smith's writing and am very much looking forward to reading some of the other books she has in the pipeline. My only real complaint with this one, was that it just wasn't long enough and ended far too soon.

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