Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Falling for Sarah by Cate Beauman

Falling for Sarah By Cate Beauman
Before starting this book tour, I have to admit that I hadn't actually read of any of Cate Beauman's books, so I was quite excited about getting the chance to read two of the titles. The first one that I'm looking at is book two in the bodyguards of LA series; Falling for Sarah. 

Widow Sarah Johnson struggled to pick up the pieces after her life was ripped apart. After two years of grieving, she’s found contentment in her thriving business as photographer to Hollywood’s A-list and in raising her angel-faced daughter, Kylee... until bodyguard and long-time friend Ethan Cooke changes everything with a searing moonlight kiss. 

Sarah’s world turns upside down as she struggles with her unexpected attraction to Ethan and the guilt of betraying her husband’s memory. But when blue roses and disturbing notes start appearing on her doorstep, she has no choice but to lean on Ethan as he fights to save her from a stalker that won’t stop until he has what he prizes most. 

The story begins three years before the main story Sarah has just returned home after giving birth to her daughter Kylee. Her husband, serving in Afghanistan is due to return to them for good in four short weeks, but Sarah's life is ripped apart when four marines turn up to tell her that her husband has been killed. Her husband's long time friend, Ethan Cooke, who was there to support her at work, does his best to support her, but Sarah's life has been ripped apart.

We rejoin Sarah, Kylee and Ethan three years later at the wedding of two friends, while Ethan and Sarah have remained close, recently they have begun to view each other in a different light and jealous is rearing it's head.

Struggling with both this change in their feelings and the threat of a stalker following Sarah, Ethan and Sarah struggle to get a hold on their feelings and where they are going.

I've always enjoyed second time around romances, I think that it's the difference of having someone who has already had a great love, struggle with finding a new one and the impact of that on their live. The extra dimensions in this story of the rapists, and Ethan's unwillingness to immediately be part of this new relationship made for a great read that kept you turning the pages right until the end. 

I can't wait to read the other book in the series, I think I might have to go back and try the others in the series too.

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