Friday, 13 May 2016

The Promise in Your Eyes - Wendy Lindstrom

The promise in your eyes by Wendy Lindstrom
Having read all of the other books in Wendy Lindstrom's Grayson Brothers series, when The Promise in Your Eyes was released I was keen to read it. This novel was in some ways quite different to many other romance novels, with our main characters being quite a bit older than most leads in the genre. It was also the story of someone finding love a second time around, again something that was slightly unusual.

In some ways I struggled with this book. Nancy Grayson is no stranger to anyone who has read the Grayson Brothers books. As the matriarch of the family we have seen her in all of the other books and in the previous book to this one, we learn of her love story with her first husband Hal. I have to admit that I didn't enjoy this story as much as When I Fall in Love.

Although Hal has been dead for many years, Nancy struggles to let go of him and allow herself to feel something for someone else. She feels guilty and as though she is betraying his memory. I did find that although it was important to stress this point, there was perhaps a little bit too much repetition and Nancy internally discussing her feelings on a few occasions. It made the book drag a little in parts and almost felt as though it was being padded out a bit.

I am perhaps being a little unfair, clearly the internal struggle that Nancy feels between her feelings for Hal and new love Dawson are important and central to the story line, but I felt that the chemistry and building feelings that really give live to a romance book were lost a little along the way.

Overall I enjoyed the book and I'll certainly be back for more Grayson Brother's in the future. If you've read others in the series then I'd definitely recommend you read this one too, but if you're new to the series then I'd suggest starting with one of the others first.

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