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Wheeler - In Darkness, There is still light - Sara Butler Zalesky

'Atherton Leaves Her! Has the Actor’s Whirlwind Romance with the Pro Cyclist Run its Course?' 

“Yes, Charlotte, he left me. In the airport, to fly back to California.” 

Loren Mackenzie knew the headline in The Sun was an exaggeration, but the World Champion time trialist still felt the sting. As her pro cycling season draws to a close, Loren looks forward to taking a break from training and a reuniting with her boyfriend, Graham Atherton. However, rumors and innuendo begin to swirl around them, and secrets they have kept from each other shake their relationship to its foundation. 

A trip to New York City affords Loren a bittersweet reunion with a love she thought was lost. But, echoes from the past ripple into the present and reliving the fractured memories of her childhood has left her afraid to dig deeper. The monsters that dwell in the dark corners of her mind are all too real. 

Meanwhile, obsession and greed churn into a storm on the horizon, threatening Loren and those closest to her. When the tempest hits and the dust finally settles, what is uncovered tilts the axis of her world. 

Loren must find the strength to believe that even in darkness, there is still light, there is still hope; there is still love. 

My Review

In Darkness, There is Still Light (Wheeler Book 2)In Darkness, There is Still Light by Sara Butler Zalesky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've been looking forward to reading this book since I read the first book in the series Wheeler. I was looking forward to finding out what would happen with Loren and Graham and what would happen to them next.

Like the first book, there is a lot happening in this instalment. There is still danger and a threat to Loren, despite the end of the previous book. (I'm trying to be vague here because if you read this review before reading book one, I'd hate to spoil anything.) The relationship between Loren and Graham is not plain sailing either.

In many ways, this is a more emotionally charged book than the first. Although Loren is still cycling, there is much less of the detail in this book. I did enjoy that in the first book, but I think the decision to move away from the technical side a little was a good one in this second instalment. To be honest, once you are swept into the storyline this time around, there's little time to think of anything else.

This is quite an emotional book, with much to deal with alongside the two main characters. It doesn't look like this is the end though and I'm left dying to know what will happen next for Graham and Loren.

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