Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Blogging about blogging

It might seem a bit of an odd thing to write about, but a blog about blogging seemed to be a good choice for this week. I was thinking earlier about how long I've had this blog, (I actually had to check) but it's been just over six years now.  You may notice though, that I went through quite a quiet patch, a fair few posts in the beginning soon tailed off to next to nothing, before really picking it up again last year.

Why I blog

I suppose that the real point of this blog about blogging, would be to ask why I blog in the first place.  Partly it's down to the fact that I just really really like to write.  I kept a diary for many years when I was younger, and I've always had writing of some description or another on the go, one day I WILL write that book..... It's also because I like to write down things about the kids.  I have their profile books at playcentre and a lot gets recorded in there, but there's so much and they change so fast, that this is a good way to get it down.  Mostly though, it's just because I like writing.

Blogging about the kids

Who reads it?

I suppose that when you write a blog you expect people to be reading, but it's not always obvious who they are.  I'm guessing that a few of my friends might have a browse, I hope that whoever you are, you enjoy.  Feel free to leave comments on any of my blogs, it's always very exciting when someone does.

I may be a bit quiet on here this month, with my business blog for nappyneedz, I'm doing a 31 day blog challenge with a new post every day, so I'm a bit busy with that.  But you can always check it out here if you miss me.