Monday, 17 March 2014

Women Troubles

I suppose that sounds like an odd title for a blog by me, 'women troubles' woman's troubles would make more sense, but no, 'women troubles.'  It's not me that's having the women troubles though, I should perhaps point out, but rather my five year old.  They start young these days.

My five year old with women troubles

I first discovered these women troubles he's having a few days ago, when he informed me that he didn't want to get married.  Our conversation went a bit like this:

M: When I'm big like Daddy, will we need to get a new car?
Me: Yes, probably
M: How many babies will there be?
Me: I don't know, how many do you want to have?
M: This many (holding up zero fingers) I don't want to get married to a lady when I grow up.
Me: You don't have to.
M: But what if I fall... fall???
Me: In love? You might want to get married then.
M: I won't. What if a Lady want's to marry me?
Me: You don't have to marry anyone if you don't want to, even if they want to marry you.
He paused for a minute or two and then......
M: Susan (name changed) keeps picking me to be her partner at school, I don't want to be her partner. I only want to pick my friends.....the boys.

So there we have it, all of those questions about getting married, and all because some poor girl at school wants to be his partner.  I can't help but feel a bit sorry for 'Susan' who's advances are clearly being rejected, and I'm sure all she wants to do is make friends.  It all kind of reminds me of this song from when I was little: