Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A special something

Like many children, my boys both have a special toy, something that's really important to them.  I thought that I'd share their stories with you.


Penguin has been Kai's special friend since he was a few weeks old.  Back in 2006 when Kai was born, the film happy feet came out at the cinema. There were quite a few promotional products around to do with the film, and one of them was a little flat mumble penguin.  He came attached to a bottle of comfort fabric conditioner, and as Kai was only little, he was just the right size and shape to hold.  Kai took him to bed that night, and since then he's taken him to bed every night, although these days, he's looking a little battered.

Penguin a very special something.

For a while Kai was penguin crazy, these day's he's a little less penguin obsessed, but he still loves his penguin.


Mahe's special something is a little different.  He's had a few things that he's been keen on, from his train cushion Thomas, to a fire engine (large and plastic) which he sometimes took to bed with him.  A few years ago though, he found doll.  On a visit to the local tip to drop some rubbish off, Mahe and his Dad went into the recycle shop.  I think these are pretty common here in New Zealand, but I'd never come across them in the UK.  Basically it's a shop where people drop things off that they don't want, and then rather than just throwing them away, they're sold.  It's quite handy for old books, odd plates and cups and the like.  I have a bit of a thing for vintage sewing and knitting patterns and I've found quite a few there.

On this occasion, Mahe picked up a battered old doll, and carried it around with him.  When it was time to go home, and he was told to put it back, he was so upset and just cried and cried.  The people running the shop said he could keep the doll, and doll, as he's been known since came home.

Doll a special something

I have to admit, that poor old doll isn't the most attractive of toys, he's seen better days, and to be honest, he could do with a wash right now.  But ever since that day, Mahe's been very attached to him.  He might not sleep with him every night, or play with him every day, but more often than not he plays with doll.  Doll is certainly his special something.

My special something

When I was little, I too had a special something.  Allow me to introduce you to Kelly Mouse.

My special something

Now, I will admit that Kelly Mouse doesn't look much like a mouse, when I showed Mahe and said here's Kelly Mouse, he asked where was a mouse, he couldn't see it, but I love her.  Kelly mouse was my friend for years when I was little.  I played with her, and she went to bed with me every night, which is why she's a little worse for wear now.

She came about after reading a library book where a class of children all make mice from bits of fabric, and call them after themselves (hence the reason that she's 'Kelly' Mouse) in the back of the book was a pattern make your own mouse.  (As a quick aside, if anyone knows what the book is called, so I can find a copy, I would be eternally grateful.) Mum quickly made a mouse from an old t-shirt of Dads, and a few scraps of fabric, expecting me to play with it for a few days and loose interest....... needless to say I didn't.  I don't remember exactly when I stopped taking her to bed every night with me, but even today I love the feeling of well worn t-shirt material, which is what she was made of.

So there you go, our special somethings.  Did you have something like this when you were little? Have your children taken to anything? I'd love to hear about it.

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