Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Dinky Minky Pocket nappy

The Dinky minky and dinky pul pocket nappies from nappyneedz have heaps of great features that set them apart from other cloth nappies on the market.  At first glance they don't look that much different to other pocket nappies on the market, but give them a try and you'll soon find they offer some great benefits over other nappies.

Minky Orange
The legs have deep gussets, which help to hold everything in, particularly in the smaller size settings.  With many OSFM cloth nappies, the leg openings are too big in the smaller sizes, and things leak out.  The leg gussets actually mean that it's quite a snug fit, even on tiny babies. 


To help with the fit on smaller babies, this cloth nappy also has back snaps which pull in the nappy at the back and crotch, making it narrower and trimmer on a small baby.  It might still look a little buky on a newborn with the large microfibre and bamboo trifold that it comes with, but stuffed with a smaller insert it would look fine on a newborn.  Here is my little one in it at about two months old:


The pocket for stuffing the dinky nappy with is a generous size, there are two advantages to this, firstly you can yet your hand in easily to stuff it, and secondly, once the nappy has been used you don't have to reach in and pull the insert out, instead it's plenty big enough to shake it out into your nappy bucket.

Over all the dinky nappy is a great choice from birth to potty, currently available from Nappy needz in New Zealand, but they ship worldwide.

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