Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bed time routines

One of the things that you hear a lot, when it comes to raising children, is the importance of routines.  Children apparently thrive on a set routine, so they know what's coming and when.  The thing is though, it isn't really my style of parenting, I've always been more interested in the child led approach. We do baby led weaning, I demand feed, and breastfeed until they've wanted to stop.  So routine?  It's not really my thing.


There's one routine that I've always been keen on though, is the bed time routine.  I've always done the wind down, story and then bed for the kids.  But the routine that really counts, is the one that starts around 8 pm, but if I'm lucky it's a little earlier.  First thing is to rush round and get the few toys that are still lying around back where they belong, make sure that everything is sorted for the evening.  Then I put the kettle on, and find something chocolaty or at least sweet in the cupboard, then it's feet up and put the tv on. 


Of course it doesn't always work, sometimes little miss has other ideas and I don't get to spend the whole evening relaxing.  But when I do, I feel great and ready to settle down for a good night's sleep.  Sadly of course I don't always get that either.

Bedtime routine?  Really important.

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