Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Breastfeeding in "public"?

This is one of those topics that seems to really get some people hot under the collar.  Should you do it, shouldn't you do it? Who's business is it anyway?  It's not really something that I think about all that often, but just the other day  I found myself pondering the question of when and where was appropriate.

Now I should perhaps just say here, that for the most part I'm a feed the baby when and where they need it, and I'm really not into faffing around with covers or being discrete.  That's not to say that I'm about to get them both out in public and start waving them around in public, but my priority is feeding my baby, and I can't gaurentee that you won't see anything.......


Half the problem is that one half of the debate seems to think that the other is doing what they're doing to be provocative, to make a point, which might sometimes be the case, but often it's just that they need to feed their baby.  Certainly for me, that's the case, although I have waited for people to challenge me or question what I'm doing (and I had my answers ready) but more than anything I had a hungry baby.

Of course, that in itself can be the "problem" which brings me to a couple of evenings ago.  I'd just arrived in Auckland, it was raining, in the way that only Auckland seems capable of, and a wet me and almost as wet little girl were sheltering in the airport shuttle waiting to see if there were any more passengers on the way.  It was late, I was tired, she was tired, so I went for our tried and tested soother, and gave her a feed.  The shuttle driver opened the door to say that we'd give it a few more minutes, saw what I was doing, looked uncomfortable, apologised and left.

Now he didn't ask me to stop, or say anything, but he wasn't comfortable about it either.  Normally I'd think, if I thought anything, Oh well, so what. But I was actually in his car, and making him feel awkward, maybe that's not on?

I guess really, it didn't matter, but perhaps I should have thought, although ideally we'd all just see it as natural and he would have been as unconcerned by my feeding as I was doing it.

What would you have done?


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