Saturday, 14 April 2007

What a week!!

I'm just about dead on my feet at the moment, I've been working so much this week that it's just crazy.  So far this week I've worked at Shugborough on Saturday and Sunday, had Monday off, worked at Marstons on Tuesday night, Shugborough again on Wednesday and Thursday, Marstons Thursday night and then I've got another Marstons tonight!
Of course the big advantage of working tonight is that I get to have my half of Peddi, if only I wasn't driving and could have more!
I do love my two jobs though, I just wish that I had a bit more time to spend with Kai and I also want to get my cloth nappy thing going properly.  ( is who I 'work' for) I have to get some posters, flyers etc out there and drum up some trade/interest. 
I don't really have the energy for it now, so instead I'll just post a little pic of my little man...