Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Stand up for yourself!

My little man seems to be growing so fast at the moment!  Look at him here standing up, well nearly, he does need support and doesn't stay up right for vey long, but at six and a bit months I think that it's very impressive.  Not sure if he should be standing up of course, but sometimes you try and sit him down and he's having none of it!  He puts his legs rigid so that he's standing!

He certainly seems impressed with himself in any case!  I think I've said before, I'm torn by wanting him to grow up and do things, and not wanting him to grow up at all.  Very silly of me I know, but I can't help it, it's so exciting when he does something new, but the thought of him being all grown up is so sad, I know that there is a long way to go yet though!!

It's been another beautiful few days, we even had the first BBQ of the summer on Saturday, and I've had my legs out in the sunshine, I do only have one skirt that I can fit into though!  Have to do something about that, not sure what!
Kai is giving me a few minutes peace at the minute, I'm supposed to be writing flyers, posters and the like for my cloth nappy venture, but I've got a bit distracted by writing this!  Just have to show you how Kai is sleeping at the moment,

he has taken to moving round lots before he drops off, and sleeps on his side now, all curled up.  Went in to check on him a minute ago and he was like this, totally turned round in his cot!  Crazy little man!
Hmmm, really better get on now, while I have a few minutes to myself I suppose!

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