Friday, 30 March 2007

Hungry little man

I've been playing the feeding Kai game again today, I still can't seem to fill him,

but never mind.  He seems to be more interested in trying to feed himself at the minute, which he doesn't quite have the coordination to manage all of the time yet.  Still the only way around it would be to pin his hands down and stop him from trying to grab the spoon.  He gets in enough mess doing this, I just wonder how much mess a child doing  baby led weaning gets into??  I would have liked to try it, but  as I was topping up with  formula, (grrrr) then it didn't seem like the best plan, maybe next time!  As it is I'm just trying to come up with different things to feed him, I'm looking forward to that time in the future when he just eats what we eat; how much easier will that be?
At least he is gaining weight well now, up to 14lb10oz at the last weigh in, and 69cm, which means that he is in the 9th centile for weight and the 91st centile for length.  No surprises there then, looks like we might have a tall one on our hands!

For some reason the other day he seemed to find me feeding him the funniest thing ever, and he was giggling nonstop with every spoon full that I put into his mouth.  I'm not sure what caused it, but something definitely tickled him, either that or sweetcorn and carrot is just funny?  I love these feeding photos though!

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