Tuesday, 13 March 2007

New Job

Despite wanting to be a stay at home mum (SAHM), I know that it's not very likely, so I have had to venture into the world of work, yuck!! Any way, I simply could not face going back to my old office, I enjoyed the job but not the environment or the people, so I have a new job, well two new jobs to be honest.
As of tomorrow I will be working at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire, www.shugborough.org.uk which is very exciting as it will involve me dressing up in period costume.  I'm not sure which bit I'm going to be in yet, there is the mansion house, the servants quarters and the farm all of which are 'working' with people dressed up and pretending that it's 1805.  Basically I get to play all day and get paid for it, I can't wait, how exciting??  I only wish that I didn't have to leave my little man at home.  Still my other new job is a step in the direction of becoming a work at home mum (WAHM) but more about that later, once my package has arrived this morning!

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  1. Hi Kaje!

    So was yesterday your first day? How did it go? I am trying to wangle my return to work being 7 hours a week from home with a laptop for three months before we move to hertfordshire. Don't think it will happen but they are refusing to make me (even though my job is...) redundant. Grr.

    Anyway is your work at home mum job being a nappy agent? Do you sell medium wraps - imse vimse softwrap/rikkis?/slinki minkis? Who is it for? Might be barking up the wrong tree here but....

    Hope you enjoy the job. A bit of freedom eh. Mmmmm.!!




    ps. Alexis is NEVER full up. I don't know WHERE she gets it from!

    Certainly when we started weaning her she was onto three meas within 2 weeks and having 2 courses, and huge amounts. She will outeat Louis sometimes, the porker. I just try and feed her slowly (giving her a spoon tends to slow things down a bit, and some fiddly food on her high chair tray) then she has the time to realise when she is full. But It's hard when they want you to shovel it down. I follow her lead though. Thank god they are not fussy screaming weaners!