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Luciano Castelli - Anna Ray


Luciano Castelli

Luciano Castelli: An Enemies-to Lovers Romance, an all-new mafia romance is coming April 29th 2021. It's
the first book in the Dangerous Mafia Royals. 
My entire life I've fought against the constraints my family held me in. I was the precious bird in the gilded cage. So far from all my dreams.  Until I met Luc. I was practically forced to be around him all the time. I never imagined that he'd be this pretentious or rude. But he's proving to be something more than the arrogant mafia prince.

I'm not perfect. I make mistakes, but I always pay my dues. When MJ walked into my life, I knew that nothing good can come from this spoiled little princess. She has no idea what she got herself into. Every moment with her is sweet torture, and it comes with the price.  She will be the end of me. 
Do they have what it takes to end up together, or if everything will come crashing down?

My Review

What a read this was. I had expected your usual Mafia romance, which of course this is and I do really like, but this was far more than I expected. It probably helps that this is an enemies to lovers story, which I do really enjoy. MJ and Luc really don't like each other when they first meet, but of course, the line between love and hate is a thin one. They are certainly far from indifferent about one another. Even when they begin to thaw towards each other, this isn't an instant reconciliation. They have much to overcome before they become lovers. 
Compared to similar books, this romance is a drawn-out one and is all the more delicious for it. It burns slow, but hot. Luc is lovely. Dark and brooding, but with a soft centre that he tries, and fails to conceal. He and MJ make a fantastic couple, they work so well together, even when you're left frustrated that they just can't seem to see where they should be going.
That isn't all this story is. There is also an underlying suspense element. While much of this is dealt with in this book, don't expect it to be all wrapped up by the last page. There's more to come, I assume in the next book. I think it will deal with MJ and Luc's friends Knox and Silvia. Either way, I'm looking forward to reading it.
This was a wonderful read and one that left me quite sad that it had finished when I reached the last page. I hope that it won't be long until I get to return to Luc and MJ's world.

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