Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Aftereffects L.J. Green

L.J. Greene
Publication date: October 8th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
What could be more terrifying than falling in love with the person who is your good place? Maybe realizing just a smidge too late that there can be dire consequences to becoming your best friend’s lover.
The lives of Keir Stevens and Selene Georgiou serendipitously collide mid-span on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, one jarring step ahead of fate. He’s a temporary transplant from Seattle; she’s facing the biggest career opportunity of her life. They have no notion of the common thread that connects them.
As they come to discover they share a similar adversity, their relationship evolves from a fun and frivolous infatuation with nowhere to go into a true friendship with sincerity, humor, and respect at its heart.
It’s awfully hard not to fall in love with that – even if you’re pretty darn certain you shouldn’t.
But when love and friendship suffer their own devastating collision – their interests brutally conflicting – the consequences of blurring the lines between the two suddenly become real. In the end, which one will be the stronger? And more importantly, can either survive?
AFTER EFFECTS is a standalone dual POV adult contemporary romance about the things we choose in life out of all the things that are beyond our choosing – a tale of love and friendship, of time and how we spend it, and of the inner wars that ultimately show us what really matters.

Author Bio:
Romance author, obsessive multi-tasker, California native, music lover with no apparent musical talent, travel enthusiast, and cheese connoisseur.

My Review

Well, what a read this was. I love friends to lovers stories, they are one of my favourite plots in romance books. Having said that, this one was a little different. This isn't two longtime friends who find that there is more to their relationship than they'd realised. Rather, it's about two people who are attracted to one another but feel that they can't be together, but at the same time, they develop a deep friendship. In many ways, this book felt as though it were telling a more real and lifelike love story than many romance books out there. 
I haven't read anything by L.J. Green before, but I'd certainly be interested in future books. I loved the writing style and that certainly helped to move the story along. Both Keir and Selene were great characters. If anything Keir was a little too good to be true, he was so sweet you couldn't help but like him. Even when he was being a dick, he was doing it for the right reasons.
I loved this book, the storyline, the characters, the way they worked out what was important to themselves and each other. I was left with a big happy sigh. Highly recommended.


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