Monday, 22 February 2016

The Lake House - Kate Morton

The Lake House by Kate Morton
I hadn't read any of Kate Morton's books, prior to starting the Lake House, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. Although I read this as part of a mystery reading group that I'm part of, there was a lot more going on here than your usual murder mystery.

The story was spread across a number of different times and locations. It focused on the mysterious disappearance of the young son of a local family after their midsummer night celebration. The disappearance had a huge impact on the family, the effects of which are still felt decades later, with the two surviving sisters, who were in their late teens at the time, now being in their eighties.

Sadie Sparrow, a police detective, stumbles upon the mystery while holidaying with her Grandfather. She has been sent on enforced sabbatical after causing issues at work, she finds herself with time on her hand, and once she finds out about the story, she starts to investigate. 

The story switches between the inter-war years when the disappearance happened and modern day, with more details of what happened and why being revealed slowly. Although the sisters have had their own ideas about what happened all of those years ago, it becomes clear that there was far more happening than they first realised.

I loved this book as I read it, the detail and description were lovely. It painted a clear picture and feel of the time. There was a slight downfall towards the end of the book. Although I like to see all of the various threads tied up, this one was a little too neat. Everything seemed to weave together, even though there was no obvious connection before hand. For me, it was all a little bit too neat and convenient. There were sub stories that either became part of the main story, or in one case just glossed over and barely mentioned. It was a shame as I'd really loved everything that had come before, and then end just stopped it from being a really good book. Still worth a read though.

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